Monday, September 11, 2006

well, there's your team

Here is the team......wait, what is Will doing it the photo? Is this a defection from the ******* **** team? I geuss we'll see at the first race. I guess you can't ever count out one of the Jolly Rotters. Highlights of the party would be the metric ton of pasta brought by Loren Soltes, the flan from Simone Montez, the signed magnum of Cigare Volante from Karen Bullard and of course, the argyle cake from Stella . A truly magnificent spread of food and drink hosted by the Traugotts was the best way to cap off a grand day of launching this years Team HR solutions/Rock Lobster/Traugott guitars cyclocross squad. Look out,wooop- here we is.


velogirl said...

Stella's all blonde-like! Wow -- looking hot chicka.

Brent Chapman said...

can i retake this picture? or is the chris farley reincarnated in the back instead of me?