Thursday, June 11, 2009

New sponsor Bob's Red Mill

How do you keep a cyclocross team rolling ? Maybe a big breakfast can help. This breakfast is really big so I included my bike to show you the scale of what Bob's red mill sent to us....400-500 lbs. All you folks that had requests....come on by as my shop has gotten a lot smaller with this stack taking up prime real estate. All you folks that didn't order up , come on by as well because this is a huge amount of good stuff, enough to go around. Thanks need to be given to our own Sarah Kerlin for lining this up....She not only races hard for the team , she is going to keep us fed !..I'm anxiuosly awaiting my polenta and 10 grain cereal so I can avenge my countless defeats of the last 9 seasons.........

Thursday, June 04, 2009

2009 HRS Rocklobster Team Sponsors

Thanks to all our sponsors and their generous support of the Rocklobster team.
Please be sure to visit our sponsors whenever you can!

***2009 Sponsor still being added!!

Factory Sponsor:
Rocklobster bicycles
Our favorite bikes made in Santa Cruz California.
The best cross,
Paul Sadoff - swigg boss and super cycling man.

Title Sponsor:
HResource Solutions of Santa Cruz.
HResource Solutions puts the pieces together for you!
Developing your human resource infrastructure,
enhancing your existing one,
or tackling your special projects.
Please see our Title Sponsor Flyer!

Gold Sponsor:
Jeff Traugott Guitars
The finest guitars on the market

Ristorante Avanti -Santa Cruz
Fine food and wine. See info
Address: 1711 Mission St., Santa Cruz
Phone: 831.427.0135

The Bicycle Trip - the friendliest shop we know.
1127 Soquel Ave. Santa Cruz California

Product Sponsors:

Dirt Rag Magazine.. oh yeah. Nude bunny hop.

*easter egg link

Easton -

Mavic- Our tubular rim supply

The industry standard.

Paul Components-
The sweetest brakes around! period.

Chris King-
Only the best headsets and hubs to drool over.

GU nutrition

Bob's Red Mill,

Mad Alchemy,


Sock Guy


S&S Powder Coating-
Team Powder Coating Services provided by Scott Barnes at S&S Powder Coating
S & S Powder Coating
Address: 1574 Bulb Ave, Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone:(831) 464-2754

Monday, June 01, 2009

and ya still don't stop..

What you need after a good sit down bacon lunch to keep the flave-ah.