Monday, December 12, 2011

USGP of Bend report

My camera froze on the day I wanted to take photos so there's little to show but much to be happy about.
This is the only race photo-Jon Mason at the start of the Saturday mens cat 2/3/4, one of the largest fields of the day and Jon got a front row callup.
This is the screw I got in my rear tire riding up to Pilot Butte on Friday with the crew. Lucky that I brought another tire and some glue so I would be set for the races on the weekend.
Here's the view from the top of Pilot Butte with Scott, Aaron Mallory and Ellie......I think that's how its spelled !

And here are the results:
Saturday: Aaron Bradford elite men 35th. Scott Chapin elite men poisoning.
Jon Mason cat 2/3/4 28th
Alan T. Ott mens 45+ 24th
Paul Sadoff mens 55+ 9th.

Sunday : Aaron Bradofrd elite men 13th, Scott Chapin elite men 40th.
Jon Mason ct. 2/3/4 25th
Alan T. Ott mens 45+ 24th
Paul Sadoff mens 55+ 8th.

Now the fine print. Since Scott had crashed hard the previous weekend he had a bruised tailbone that kept him from really racing to his potential. To further complicate things , he came down with food poisoning on Friday night and was unable to race at all on Saturday. Being a tough competitor, he got on his bike Sunday and in spite of all the problems was able to compete.
Aaron Bradford broke his seatpost on the second lap on Saturday and had a total of five bike changes. On Sunday he had no problems and did a career ride.

I would like to thank all the sponsors for making this outing possible and for a few of us our best USGP finishes. Also, a major thanks to Mallory Burda for transportation and help in the pits. She got 5th on Saturday in the womens B field and bettered that the next day with a 2nd place. We cooked most of our meals at the rental and were truly a team in all respects. This was a great tune-up for the nationals and we will be ready.

Friday, December 09, 2011

Off to the USGP in Bend, Oregon

This is dessert, some panko/salt encrusted dark chocolate.....thank you whole foods.

Home cooking on the road: Tonight, fettucini alla amatriciana, basically the default swiggboss dinner.

There's bacon in that pan, lots of it. I think we made enough for about two days. Buckethead's idea is to cook as many meals here rather than going out-I concur.

A view of Shasta on the way up to Bend. Supposedly we are in for some clear weather for the weekend of racing. It would be different to race here without snow and ice but I'm not complaining.

Monday, December 05, 2011

L.A. UCI race

Everybody is trying to be a star in L.A.-I guess you need the right bike for the photo shoot. Photo courtesy of photography. Model : Jaquelin.

Sunday, December 04, 2011

CCCX Nor-Cal district championships

The district CCCX race at Toro Park was a big success for the team-here's Will Hall with his 2nd place medal with Jeff Traugott , sponsor and competitor.
The two available championship jerseys in single speed reside in this team with Alex Work and Stella Carey.Stella also finished with a bronze medal in the women's A race.
Natasha Perry continues here good racing with a bronze medal in the women's 35 + field followed by Kathleen Bortolussi in 5th.
Slowed by a flat tire, Janel Lodge still held on for the silver medal in the women's 45+ race.
Kevin Crossley rode a great race in the men's A field and came in 6th, followed by Ben Dodge in 14th, Aaron Odell in 19th and Sean Coffey 22nd, back on the bike after a long injury recovery.
Here's the very first women'd single speed podium in Nor-Cal with Stella at the top.Another medalist was Jon Mason finishing 2nd in the men's 35 B group , continuing his run of podium spots. Other finishers : Jason Rahlwes 11th in the men's 35 A race , Tim Watson and Frank Kalcic going 10th and 11th in the men's 45 A race, Benoit Dubuisson 9th, Jeff Traugott 14th and Alan Bennett 19th in the men's 45 B race, Michael Schaller 14th in the men's 35 B race and I trailed in 9th in the men's 55 race.
Alex victorious in the single speed race after crashing out of the 35 A field.