Sunday, September 30, 2007

Snead powers Fairfax Cross Race 2007-09-28

So the word is AJM is back racing cross. His 2 top 5 results at starcrossed and steillacoom UCI races show his injuries are now to a minimum.
Welcome back to cross.
Sneads new nickname might be Sampson as the longer his beard gets the faster he gets. Sneads on a roll this year, riding strong!
Dave Twolf was onhand to stick the 1,2s to AJM too.Check the podium and see that Odell was 4th making it very close to a sweep of the elite mens race for the team. Dean Poshard rode strong in the last two laps finishing 10th.

Sarah Kerlin snaggled a 2nd in elite women.Stella Carey finished a strong 4th.Both Sarah and Stella rode a clean race when many of the women were hitting the turf with alarming frequency.

Matt Jordan had a great race and was 5th in Master 35+ As, right up there with the big guns.Max Clifford rode strongly to finish in the top 15.

Congrats homeboys!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Looks like Odog has finally won some cash

Cross Vegas looks like a wild time.

Sabine over at Velo Bella posted some incriminating photos of what should stay in Vegas!
Mike Hernandez of the HRS Rocklobster team was serving time as a velo bella podium boy there. Phew.. glad it wasn't me, cause his white skinsuit would of looked horrible on me.

We can see that Aaron finally won some cash at a race! Congrats Odog.
Did I forget to mention all wins are split for the team??
looks like $8 bucks, so 50 cents a piece!Thanks Sabine for sharing these photos!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the 2007 Team Jersey

This year the Team kit takes yet another turn. We innovated the re-use of the old school Argyle last year, and now the trend has gone wild. Everyone is putting them on their kits.
So we wanted to be different again, plaid and Chewbacca fur were just too much for people today. For 2007 we cleaned things up and made use of our primary sponsors logo with an overlay of puzzles.
Photographers take note, this is the jersey your looking for.

thats how you start a season off right...

Team HRS Rocklobster on the front at CCCX 1.

Thanks to Rick for shooting great shots of the race.
visit his smugmug photos to see more

I hope Lauren doesn't mind I stole this picture.
He welds bikes all week and then comes out to hand off bottle. Thats why we know Paul as the Swigg Boss.
"nice socks by the way"
See the rest of Laurens photos here

Monday, September 24, 2007


two wild and crazy guys, originally uploaded by Bici Girl photos.

This is so wrong....

Starcrossed 9-22 and Steilacoom 9-23

This weekend on another Western Front was Sarah and Matt digging for some UCI points.
Looks like Sarah landed a few.
Nice podium!

Wendy Simms, originally uploaded by josephsongcophoto.
Photo shows the two gunning it out. Sarah K taking Second place!

Elite Women - Sarah, 2nd
(Matt mechanical DNF)

Rad Racing Cup @ Steilacoom Park
Master 35 As - Matt 17th
(Sarah DNF)

CCCX Race #1 9/23/07, Manzanita Park, Prunedale

Stellar!, originally uploaded by SWoo.

A big turn out at the CCCX race for HRS Rocklobster team.

Josh Snead and David Wyandt tried to upper cut the old National Champ and Diesel engine Justin Robinson.
David and Josh traded turns taking shots at Justin, but in the end the duo made a few minor mistakes and Justin took the win.
The HRS team took: 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 10th. With a 10th and 13th.

Meanwhile in the womens Elite race it was 3 Velo Bellas to 1 HRS RL- Stella Carey took second to Barbara Howe who appears to be back from her couple year funk! Good to See Barb back to light things up for Stella!

For Masters Mens 35A's Tim Watson took a respectable 10th while newbie Max Clifford took 16th!

In the Masters Mens 45+ A's Steven Gile took turns beating up the field and snagging a second place!
Billy Hall took 12th as well!

Super amazing was Jeff Traugott (one of our sponsors) out racing in the masters B 45+ and took 14th, while Larry Bullard (our other sponsor HRS) took 16th! Scott Cally took 3rd overall in this group. Way to go guys!

Follow here for full results:

So have you seen our Sponsors???

Be sure to visit the HRS Rocklobster team Sponsors page.
They are what keeps our team charging!

Here is the short list:
-HResource Solutions
-Rock Lobster Cycles
-Jeff Traugott Guitars
-Santa Cruz Staffing
-Value Outsource Solutions
-Ristoranti Avanti
-The bike trip
-Challenge Tires
-Paul Components
-Sheila Moon
-Chris King
-S&S Powder Coating
-DIRT RAG magazine

Yah boss.. Thanks to our amazing sponsors!!!!!!!


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Evan Adams

DSC_0191.JPG, originally uploaded by Bici Girl photos.

Evan Adams made it out for the DFL race.
Sorry no dress this year! Thank god!

This gives a good shot of the stitches for this years uniform.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sarah K wins.

DSCN1144, originally uploaded by liveplayride.

Sarah Kerlin seen in her new kit for 2007.
Sarah went on to win this race after picking the wedgie produced by her new skin suit. Congrats Sarah!.

Sarah and Matt are headed to Europe next to play in some Euro-trash. Good luck Sarah!

Ps- Could you bring me back one of those Kachina dolls or some Belgian beer?

Dj Snead just misses at Livermore

Josh Snead sports his Mountain Man beard. Its aero and heat dissipating all in one. Plus you save lots of goodies collected in the race.. in this case it was a 2nd place podium that he caught in it.

Good job Snead.

Courtney Allison grabbed some nice shots of the team.

Sunday, September 02, 2007