Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays, team and sponsors !

Just a little baked seasonal carbs to ward off the cold. Don't worry, I didn't sit on it.....

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Wolf strikes again

Sadly, my camera was at home for the final race of 2009 but here's an earlier picture of the man who crossed the line in first. Josh and Dave really set the tempo early in the race and the only riders that could follow were Alan Coates ( Cal Giant) , Scott Chapin and Alex Work. Within a few laps only Coats and Josh were with the Wolf who looked very comfortable in the lead. With a few laps to go Dave attacked and got some distance. Meanwhile Josh was mixing it up with Coats and the words between the two riders were not very friendly. Dave crashed and the two followers caught up and the trio were together again but this time it was a rolling discussion rather than a race, at least until Dave decided it was and he rolled off this time and was a solo winner with Coats coming in second, Scott getting third ,Alex in 4th. and Josh succoming to leg cramps and finishing 5th.Aaron Kereluk was up there in 7th after battling in the chase group. Jason Rahlwes got 11th while Dean Poshard wound up in the lucky 13th spot.....Eric Highlander was foiled by a nail in his tire for the second year in a row in this race.In the Womens A event Stella was our lead representative and she had to contend with two national champions in the field. She led for the first couple of laps and stayed close to finish on the podium in 3rd, well clear of the rest of the field.Kaite Jay Melina finished 7th. Sean Coffey had arguably his best race of the season battling for the win with Cesar Chavez ( Buy and getting the second spot on the podium , holding off a three man chase group for the last few laps. Tom Sullivan and Brent Harris did a fine job finishing 5th and 6th in the 55 plus and I managed to get 7th in the 45 B group. Frank Kalcic finished 15th in a top-class 35 A field.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Numbers from the nationals

Final tally of the placings for the nationals 2009 : Elite men: Scott Chapin, 42nd. Ben Popper, 46th. Alex Work, 64th. Josh Snead, 78th. Eric Highlander, 97th. Dean Poshard, dnf. Single speed: Evan Adams, 39th, Sean Coffey, 48th. Womens B: Steph Thompson , 2nd. Katie Melina, 13th. Womens 30-34: Katie Melina, 28th. Womens 40-44: Jill Fattor, 10th. Womens 45-49: Kathleen Bortolussi, 13th.Mens 30-34: Josh Snead,4th. Mens 35-39:Chris McGovern,7th. Alex Work, 23rd. Max Clifford, 39th. Matt Jordan, 48th.Dean Poshard, 92nd. Mens 45-49: Frank Kalcic, 23rd. Pat Schott, 26th. Tim Watson , 46th. Mens 50-54 : Alan Ott, 26th. Mens 55-59 , Tom Sullivan 23rd, Paul Sadoff 26th.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is your brain on 'cross.....Nationals last day

These dark images are mostly of the last night party that we accidentally stumbled upon Sunday after the last race. We were just looking for dinner but when the roller races and raffle started , we knew that the team had to represent and crush the locals.
Steph Thompson dealt a serious drubbing to all the ladies in the roller races without so much as breaking a sweat.
This was the moment when Alex took on Ryan Trebon and sent him to the showers in defeat.To the left is an example of what cycling can do to develope the gluteous region into a useful shelf for refreshments.

The team table must have looked a little scary to the throngs of hipsters in thier too-tight jeans and ill fitting socks.

If you can ride, you can dance.

Alan T. Ott finishing his race on Saturday in the sultry 12 degree conditions. From 109th position to the top 30 was how he rode. The sad thing is that Brett Lambert was not able to be in this race, a race that he would surely have done well. We will have to wait until next year to see what he can do in the snows of central Oregon.

Standing in the pits required thick boots and every article of clothing that you could pull on. When the wind would come up and the sun would go behind a cloud the temperature with the wind chill was probably just above zero.

This contrasted with the final round of the roller races where Alex took the initiative and removed his shirt. Alex and Scott went 1-2 in the roller races.
The top speed of the night was the bucketheads......57 m.p.h. !

The Cross Crusade drum corps were in full effect Saturday and Sunday. Below, Scott warms up before the roller races. The results are in......this team earned two medals at the Nationals: Steph Thompson silver (2nd)in the womens B class, Josh Snead bronze (4th) in the mens 30-34.
Jill Fattor had a top-10 despite a crash and a flat tire. Frank Kalcic had the ride of his life getting into the top 25 in the mens 45-49. All of the team rode hard and represented well and HRS/Rock Lobster definitely made a presence at this well attended event.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simon raced The Giant Party

The Giant Party, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

coldness with the Swiggsters

waited event. podium time

Dec090109, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

Snead at Cross natz 2009

Snead at Cross natz 2009, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

The battle for 3rd was on

closing the gap

Dec090072, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

Doubled over Dean

Dec090058, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.


Dec090049, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

Matt Jordan

Dec090030, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.


Dec090029, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.


Dec090028, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

Masters Race

Dec090025, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

view from the pits

Dec090019, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

CX natz pit prep

Masters 30+ Mens race

Masters 30+ Mens race, originally uploaded by brent.r.chapman.

Snead gets 4th.. one mistake cost him 3rd.. but damn proud and he knows it was a great effort/battle.

HRS/Rocklobster Fest in Bend for Natz

A big selection of Lobster kids were in town (my newer home town Bend) for the 2009 Cross Nationals.
The team turned out some crazy results in both icy and snowy conditions. I have to admit not just because I live here now, this was the best Nationals I have been to so far. The community really got into it, plus the weather was near perfect for Worlds prep as you could get.
Sadly a few folks had some mishaps that kept them out of the running.. but there is next year..
The rest put on an epic show with some of the most monster fields you have ever seen see the video below for example.

I was glad to see the team having so much fun and enjoying themselves.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Stanley Cup Portland

Catch the flavor. Much thanks to Julie Popper for working in the pits and cheering loudly. More thanks to Ben and Julie for helping keeping the tent from blowing away on Sunday.A big thanks to Dean Poshard for fronting me a rear Der. so I could race on Sunday . Riders present from the team: Max Clifford, Dean Poshard, Ben Popper, Alan Ott, Paul Sadoff. Bob's Red mill provided most of the breakfasts and Cheryl and Richard of Lair Hill market were our hosts and saviors.HRS got us here and will get us to the Nat'z as well. Easton, Mavic, Paul Components and Chris King kept us rolling. Gu made us roll faster. Mad alchemy kept a few of us from freezing . Hudz, Voler and Sock Guy made us the most stylin' team on the course. Sheila moon kept the cold away and Fizik was watchin' our backsides. Jeff Traugott and Ken Sato helped make the trip possible. The bikes....well, you all know how we roll.

CycloCross Coyote Point - CCCP

In the absence of the Boss I will attempt another race report: It was a fine day for Lobsters, chilly and a little moist. This was the last race of the year for the Bay Area Super Prestige series. Finishing 1,2,3 in the Men's Elite race were Josh Snead, Dave, Wyandt, and Chris McGovern. Scott Chapin and Aaron O'Dell also finished in the top 10. This insured Josh's title as series champion. Chris, Dave, Scott, Aaron, and Aaron Kereluk finished the series in positions 2,3,5,8,and 10. Lobster Domination I'd say! Jill Fattor and Stella Carey finished 3 and 4 respectively in the Elite Women's race, with Stella finishing 3rd overall in the series and Jill finishing 4th. Master Lobsters Kathleen Borolussi and Brett Lambert both finished their races on the podium. Both were also 2nd overall for the series in their respective categories. Tim Watson was 5th overall in the Masters Men 45+. In the B Women's race Jay Melena rode to a 2nd place finish. Jay and Erin Dunn finished 2nd and 7th overall for the series.
Brent The Elder

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

BASP Golden Gate Park

A few photos of the Heckle Zone.
Brent The Elder

Monday, November 23, 2009

Cow Palace - Cross Palace

Scott Chapin won the Elite Men' leading the rest of the riders on a merry chase for the entire race.  Erin Dunn finished 4th in the B Women.  Matt Jordan finished 4th in the Master Men 35+A.  The race organization was a little sloppy.  Your's Truly is credited with finishing 3rd in the Master Men 55+ but I know for a fact that the fellow they gave 4th place finished in front of me.   My apologies in advance if I missed anyone's results.
Brent The Elder