Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Numbers from the nationals

Final tally of the placings for the nationals 2009 : Elite men: Scott Chapin, 42nd. Ben Popper, 46th. Alex Work, 64th. Josh Snead, 78th. Eric Highlander, 97th. Dean Poshard, dnf. Single speed: Evan Adams, 39th, Sean Coffey, 48th. Womens B: Steph Thompson , 2nd. Katie Melina, 13th. Womens 30-34: Katie Melina, 28th. Womens 40-44: Jill Fattor, 10th. Womens 45-49: Kathleen Bortolussi, 13th.Mens 30-34: Josh Snead,4th. Mens 35-39:Chris McGovern,7th. Alex Work, 23rd. Max Clifford, 39th. Matt Jordan, 48th.Dean Poshard, 92nd. Mens 45-49: Frank Kalcic, 23rd. Pat Schott, 26th. Tim Watson , 46th. Mens 50-54 : Alan Ott, 26th. Mens 55-59 , Tom Sullivan 23rd, Paul Sadoff 26th.


Max C. said...

don't forget McGovski's 7th in the 35+!

swiggco world said... did I miss that one-I witnessed it ! It has been added. Thanks !