Sunday, July 30, 2006

big group

What a difference a week makes. On this edition of the Friday 'cross ride we had no less than 7 riders including new team member Jeff Patton . Brett Lambert , a long time friend and really strong rider came along and had no trouble staying with the speedier group. Larry not only didn't crash but showed no fear on the singletrack downhill, replete with roots, logs and all of the things that make people endo. All in all, it was a good ride and everyone made it back with no bruises.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Team Rock Lobster is also proud to have a new title sponsor: H.R. solutions, Karen Bullard's firm. We will be sporting a puzzle-piece on our's a nice graphic.

Los Gallos

Happy to announce the Rock Lobster team is now sponsored by another local company: Taqueria Los Gallos
2 locations in Scotts Valley:
18A Victory sq -439-9803
243 Mt Hermon Road -439-9507

Be sure to stop by on your next ride and grab a Turbo burrito!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

over the bars club

Wow, we had the largest turnout ever.....five whole people. Maybe I should have applied with the parks service for an event permit. Honestly, you folks who are missing out on the training camps are......just that-pretty much missing out. The group left the shop at about 5:20 and headed north out to the bluffs . We rode a zigzag route that included a few dismounts and some nice sand running. Simon asked if we were up to a hike-a-bike into Wilder ranch. Everyone ignorantly said yes , so off we went. Famouse for his over the bars exploits, Larry did not let us down with a spectacular crash at a nasty double-ditch that was a lot deeper than it appeared. Fortunately ,Larry was largely unhurt and despite a slightly bent rear wheel able to proceed. Up we went into the hot dry waist-high weeds and indeed, it was a bit of hiking. By the time Larry and I made it to the top we were feeling every bit of our combined 101 years and decided to ride back. It was almost 7 p.m. so the house was calling. Larry was saying that as soon as we went uphill there were no rest spots...I told him that my rest spot was my couch. To me the hiking epitomized what we should be doing this summer......suffering and learning that running or even walking with a bike can be a real chore , but it is our chosen chore.If we are to excel at this chore we need to become used to it.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


What a time it was...the drinks were loaded and so were the broads. -Not was a trail ride. Simon A.K.and I went out to Wilder for a spin and practice. They rode leasurely whil I caughed blood and basically gimped my way along about 300 yards back. I thought no one knew the pain I felt-that is until A.K. took a header right in front of me. You thought he looked pretty mean before......just call him scarface.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rocklobster beach training camp

I attended my second beach camp with Simon and Swiggboss where we did some frisbee tossing and running in the sand around a couple of beach blanket humpers... Always been a bit of a peeping-tom, so i kept trying to get that frisbee to land on their blanket so Paul would have to go pick it up. Wind was on Paul's side so it never made it that far.

Pauls looking good, each week he is getting faster and faster on his feet.
Nemo is as fast as usual, and will probably crush this year with ease.

After some more yoga and stretching I will know if my back can take the pressure this year.
Excited to travel with the team whenever I can and help the boyz this year.
Simons secret kit design is looking pretty swank...