Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Rocklobster beach training camp

I attended my second beach camp with Simon and Swiggboss where we did some frisbee tossing and running in the sand around a couple of beach blanket humpers... Always been a bit of a peeping-tom, so i kept trying to get that frisbee to land on their blanket so Paul would have to go pick it up. Wind was on Paul's side so it never made it that far.

Pauls looking good, each week he is getting faster and faster on his feet.
Nemo is as fast as usual, and will probably crush this year with ease.

After some more yoga and stretching I will know if my back can take the pressure this year.
Excited to travel with the team whenever I can and help the boyz this year.
Simons secret kit design is looking pretty swank...


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swiggco world said...

Yo, what is next? Looks like on your bike, Bob's your uncle. Will you be there this Friday? Cheers, Swigboss.