Wednesday, June 21, 2006

an a 1-2-3

What a beating the old Tuesday ride can be....chasing shaved-legged roadies up and down the coast at 25-40 m.p.h. It can be a humbling experience,yet sometimes it can be payback, bee-atch. The R.L. team was represented by yours truly, Simon and cup-o-Coffey. We all worked the paceline up the coast well.....Simon crushed the hill and maybe himself as his 25&23 cogs were not available. I was so far back I even had time for a nature break. Coffey was somewhere in between. There were some tired legs in the peloton on the way back to town so it didn't start out too fast.The pace gradually picked up but the team was at the front working away,keeping an eye on things. Coffey stirred things up a little with a slight surge with about two miles to go. I heard some heavy breathing so I knew that it was likely that most of the pack were near their limit. We passed some riders, most notably Brian Vernor who proceeded to get right in the line and give us a nice lead out. The result was that the three Lobsters came across the line in front of everybody. The result was too close for me to see but it was pretty cool. Next week I'll probably get dropped but yesterday....ahh, yesterday...all my chasers seemed so far away.Cheers, swiggboss.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

number 2

Yes, looks like it will be mighty lonely at the early training camps. JUst Simon and I showed up. The beach is a lot more populated than last week....summer is here. Anyway, for now the early session will continue on Fridays at Natural Bridges beach at 5:30 p.m. unless otherwise stated.Call the shop at 429-8010 before 4 p.m. to confirm. It's all about working out the kinks before hitting the course.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

slog loggster

Hey, where are all my friends? You missed it if you weren't there.....rock lobster 'cross training camp # 1. Simon put Chappy and myself through a rigorous frisbee ( 50 minutes)and sand-running ( I only lasted about 5 minutes....) gauntlet. Chappy did some extra curricular rock throwing, quite impressive in a Scottish games sense. My shoulder feels like I was shot at close range with a medium caliber firearm and my legs are really knotted up. I guess the last run I did of that duration was in 1994......I I was a little rusty, no doubt. There will be more of these outings....usually after work at Natural Bridges beach. I would encourage all slaggards like myself to show up. It really gives me a new view on things....good cycling shape alone really doesn't cut it in 'cross....story of my life, anyway. Till next time, swiggboss.

Friday, June 02, 2006

pipe dreams and roasting flesh

It has to be that the clock stops for no one. That no one does indeed include us, my fellow turners of the cranks. The official team beggars account is in its final stage before going to print. Some of your better placings will be in there, some photos as well. Next week we should have a hardcopy to send out to our poential benefactors. As the heat of the day turns up so shall our pursuit of funding for the team and clarity as to our final form. Good news as we look to have the strongest squad ever and the possibilty of more support from the inside as well as the outside. Welcome RYan Bontrager as your new official team mechanic. Bike meeses up, you can get agro with him, but at well over 6' you might want to have some wedges in your shoes. Ryan has a very good attitude and a real enthusiasm for the sport and helping all of us ride more trouble free. Cheers, swiggboss.