Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cyclocross in August ?

 Yes, it is on again......the season is starting extra early this year and big changes are afoot for the team. We now have one of the largest junior teams on the west coast of the USA. This was put together by our own Ben Dodge-believe me , I'm a minor player in this development.
 Not only do we have almost 30 juniors , they are all killing it on the race course. There's some real talent and the future of the sport is looking much brighter at the start of this season. These photos were shot at the CCCX Ft. Ord race-the results will be up soon. When all these kids get the new kits it will be amazing........serious saturation of the CX peloton !
 I lost count of how many of our junior racers got on the podium-today's race might be the most successful medal count in the teams eleven season history - and it will only get better.

Here are the placings for the day. Not sure if everyone got on there-a few juniors didn't have the team kit or wrote the team name registering.

Men's A  race: Ian Stowe 5th, Josh Vahlberg 7th, David Kalcic 8th, Ben Dodge 11th.
Women's A race: Allison Peck 6th, Sarah Kerlin 7th.
Men's B race: Javier Valencia 12th
Women's B race : Alexis De Zubria  1st.
Men's single speed A race:  Eric Nelson 1st.
Women's single speed A race: Mary Maroon 1st.
Men's single speed B race: Rick Ortenblad 3rd
Men's 55+ open : Greg Foy 2nd.
Men's 60+ open : Rick Ortenblad 1st, Mark Hubbell 2nd.
Women's 45+ open: Michelle Perez 3rd.
Men's 35 A race : Ben Dodge 10th
Men's 45 B race: John Vahlberg 6th, Frank Kalcic 16th, Michael Schaller 21st.
Women's C race: Lindsay Schmidt  3rd.
Boys 10-14
Nathan Vahlberg 2nd, Jake Carter 3rd, Ben Wallan 4th
Boys 15-18
Dylan Gong 3rd, Brian Kalcic 4th, Manny Offonso , jr. 5th.
Girls 10-14
Isabel Wu 1st, Brooke Horvai 3rd.
Girls 15-18
Lindsay Schmidt 1st, Peyton Gee 2nd, Mackenzie Todaro 3rd.

I think as a team we pretty much ruled the day.