Sunday, September 24, 2017

CCCX roundup races II & III

 CCCX II was a hot and dusty affair-for some reason I did not get many photos of the day but there was a lot to be happy about.
Starting with the Junior boys, Nate Vahlberg and Dan English continue their dominance going 1st and second.
Manny Affonso got a podium with a 5th place in the junior boys 15-18
Lindsay Schmidt won her class in the junior girls 15-18.

In the master men John Vahlberg got 20th in the 45 A race.
In the 55 A race Greg Foy showed that he is the man making the pace with another win. Detlef Adam got a podium at 5th.
In the mens's 60+ I was able to squeek onto the podium at 5th and Mark Brown came in at 7th.
In the women's A race Campbell Steers rode to an impressive 4th in spite of just flying back from China a couple of days before.
 The Men's A race was a huge turnout.  Brendan Lehman got a great start but was very jet lagged and had to pull out of the race after a few laps. We still had representation with Eric Brown coming in 15th, Kailin Waterman in 16th , and Ben Dodge doing his second race coming in 17th.
 CCCX III was not as hot or dusty but it was typical bumpy and dry early season Nor-Cal cyclocross.
The racing was tough and the fields were pretty big.We had a lot more representation at this race than the week before.
 The juniors stared the day with some great racing.
In the boy's 10-14 we had a mob with Nate Vahlberg in 2nd, Dan English in 3rd, Coleman Renfro at 5th and McEwan Tomkins at 7th.
In the boy's 15-18 Manny Affonso had a great race finishing in 2nd with Peter Vahlberg coming in 6th.
In the girl's 10-14 Brook Horvai rode to 2nd and Ciara Wing had a win in the girl's 15-18.
 In the women's A race Campbell Steers got on the podium in 5th with Sarah Jordan coming in 8th.
In the women's B race, new addition to the team Eleanor Mendoza came in 2nd with Ciara Wing coming in 5th.

 The open B men's race also saw a new addition to the team-Kyle Taylor came in 11th in a very large field.
In the 45 B race Michael Schaller also got 11th.
The Masters A men also saw some great results with Ben Dodge leading the charge in the 35+ coming in 5th.
In the 45 A race John Vahlberg came in 22nd.
In the 55 A race Greg foy and Detlef Adam continued with their podium performances with Greg in 2nd and Detlef in 5th.
in the 60 + I just made the podium in 5th.