Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Pics from CCCX #2


Midweek, late night racing in Vegas in front of a huge crowd is always awesome. Add in a whole bunch of beer and a mess of European strong men and we have us a bike race.

It is nice to get out to Interbike and be able to stop by and say thank you to all the industry folks who help out the team. Sean at Easton / Bell, Larry at Mavic, Sheila Moon, Brooke at Gu, Chad at Shimano, Chris with Chris King. All great people working for great companies. With a 9 PM start time (11 PM central) we didn't stick around the show very long before we headed back to the hotel for a little rest.

The start coral was huge, the highest number I saw was 112. Unsurprisingly though, I seemed to be surrounded by pretty familiar company. There isn't much to think about on the line, just make sure you are in the right gear, and then go as fast as you can. With the pop of the gun, we were flying down the straight away. It was just as aggressive as I remembered from last year and I put every ounce of myself into the pedals for the first couple laps.

Three or four laps flew by. I was in a strong group of ten or so guys. Guys who were beating me last year, so I felt pretty good about how things were going. The pace was fast yet manageable, I was riding right were I wanted to be. I grabbed a couple high dollar hand ups in there, I was having a blast, and positioned well, 35ish.

Then disaster, I say it over and over, "I go through the barriers as fast as I can, if I go down, I am going to go down hard" and it came true. Something happened where my front end dropped just slightly and it hit the second to last step and immediately shot my bars up into my face. It caught me right above my right eye. I heard the "crack", saw the flash and went down like a ton of bricks. It hurt, the kind of hit I didn't spring back up from. I got back on the bike, but was in a fog, pedaling just enough to keep the bike moving. Lost close to 15 spots before I realized I needed to be back at race pace by the time a fast approaching group caught me if I was to have any chance at staying in the race.

I rode a lap or two solo before I got sucked in by the chasing group. It was a nice reprise from the solo effort but the group didn't stay together long. With three to go the leaders were closing fast. With two to go, it was going to take a first lap effort to stay in front of the leader, so I went for it. All this way, 56 minutes in, a head butt from the bike and I'd be damned if I was going to give up now. It was close, close enough that the podium girls already had lipstick applied and ready to kiss. I did it though and finished on the lap with the leaders. Raced as hard as I could. And as I'd find out a day later finished 53rd. Then onto the plane and back to the midwest to meet up with Sarah and Matt for the first round of the USGP in Madison.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

CCCX 2, The Wolf is back

The Wolf is back.....and Buckethead.....and Odell. Josh Snead pretty much continued what he was doing last year-that was winning the local races. That, however is not the whole story as our elite men's team took four of the five available podium places: Josh Snead 1st, Scott Chapin 2nd, Aaron Odell 4th and Dave Wyandt 5th. New member Jason Rahwles went from the back of the race to a top ten showing why he is a great addition to the team. Jill Fattor might be eligable to race with the masters women but getting 4th in the Elites she proved that she might be too fast for that class. Luckily we have Kathleen Bortolussi in the Masters to take 1st in Jill's absence. Michelle Perez got a respectable 4th in the womens masters and Erin Dunn rode to 2nd in the C's on a borrowed bike. New member Kevin Crossley won the men's B's showing that he is just about ready to ride the A catagory. Brett Lambert got 2nd in the men's 45 A group in spite of a couple of bike changes. More photos should be coming....this is the only one I took as I was busy with the pit duties.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

CCX1 Photos by Brent the elder

Monday, September 21, 2009

And More Pics. Courtesy of Timmy!

More Pics from CCCX #1

Pics from CCCX #1 (Manzanita Park)

Chicago Cross Cup #1

It was like Christmas Eve before I learned of the absence of Santa Claus. Laying awake in bed, not able to fall asleep because I was so excited for what was to come the following day. Instead of brightly wrapped presents, I was in store for an hour of pain and some playing in the dirt.

I started my season this year with the kick off of my home town Chicago series and was excited to race with friends. After plenty of joking and high fives on the line they blew the whistle and we were on. I pounded the pedals and took the whole shot into the tight "S" curves on the super dusty baseball diamond. I came off the silt of the infield to see the carnage I had escaped and pushed to separate myself from as many racers as possible.

I led the first half of lap until I dropped my chain sprinting through the barriers and was caught by the first couple of chasers. I lost that valuable edge, but now it was real head to head racing. And for the next innumerable number of laps, we battled it out for every foot of a lead over each other. Somewhere with about three laps to go I got gapped by the leader, but still maintained my lead over the third place rider. I rode the last few laps at a steady pace and rolled in for a comfortable second place.

I am so very excited for the following months. A huge thank you to all the sponsors that helped out the team this year, I don't think I could be any better prepared. Next up is an hour of power in Vegas, racing Wednesday night at CrossVegas! Photo by: Gavin Gould

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lobsters in Action at CCCX #1 (Manzanita Park)

If you want to see photos from CCCX #1, check them out on Facebook. But, you'll have to become my Facebook friend to view them. Tried uploading files to the blog but I think they were too big and I don't feel like resizing them.

CCCX # 1 2009

CCCX # 1 fields were large and strong.....seems like everyone has stepped it up a notch. Brett Lambert finished second in the 45+ A race . Kathleen Bortolussi captured the win in the Womens 35 plus catagory.

Stella rode a very strong race and finished 4th in the womens A field.

Josh and Chris McGovern had an epic battle with the two top Cal Giant riders and wound up 3rd and 4th, well ahead of the mens A field.
It was quite a show, lots of attacking and some very hard racing. This blaster has supplanted the horn for now......its hands-free operation works better in the pits. More photos to come from Tim Watson.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

First team win of the season!

Congrats to Jill Fattor for grabbing the first win of the season at LARPD #1!