Sunday, October 30, 2011

Surf City Halloween race

The costume race is always entertaining....people don't hold back.
Doing a lap on this course in a costume is insane as it was a really hard lap and the temperature was in the 70's , making for a hot and dry ride. The fun and games didn't las too long before the serious racing started up.
Here's Frank Kalcic in the men's 45 A group showing just how painful it was. Mark Howland is in the distance, delayed by a mechanical early in the race.
Good to see Brett Lambert back in the saddle. Maybe he'll be able to share the pain in the coming weeks.
Stella Carey started conservatively and with a really powerful last few laps rode up into third and a podium spot in the women's elite race.Not only that,she showed up with some artfully prepared " cake-pops" for the team. They were gone in no time. Janel Lodge finished 2nd in the women's 35 plus race.
Aaron Bradford proved the strongest on the day with an emphatic win on a single speed in the men's elite race. Scott Chapin, also on a single speed and nursing a cold still finished 3rd.
Here's Ben Dodge leading it out at the start. Unfortunately, he would have a flat and have a long run to the pits but he continued and finished. Kevin Crossley rode a strong race and led out the first half lap. He would finish 12th. In the men's 45 B group the placings were not up but Will Hall got credit for 2nd place. Benoit Dubuisson , Michael Schaller raced but they will have to wait for the official results. As far as I can tell, in the 55+ men I got 3rd and Brent Harris came in 5th. Brian Staby rode in the men's 35 A race and we'll have to wait for that result as well. The turnout was huge and I think the race officials were overwhelmed by the numbers.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

CCCX 5, Toro Park

Although I was not there to take photos, ten of the team were and the results were very good. The limited fields were still challenging and the hot conditions with the steep paved climb combined to make this a very difficult test. Aaron Bradford scored his first win of the season beating Bissel pro rider Andy Jaques-Mayne. Kevin Crossley followed in 7th in his first race of the season , Ben Dodge with another top-10 in 9th, Jeff Patton in 15th.
In the masters men 35 A race Jason Rahlwes continues to improve finishing in 6th, Mark Howland did the same in the men's 45 A , Benoit Dubuisson 6th in the 45 B as well.
Janel Lodge scored another win in the women's 35 race incresing her led in the overall with Kathleen Bortolussi in 3rd and Natasha Perry in 4th.
In all, 10 racers, 2 wins, 4 podiums-something to be proud of.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Candlestick Point Photos

The first BASP race at Candlestick park was the team's first test against the large fields that are the norm at these events. The team was not fully present as has been the case in most of the early races but we did have an excellent showing. Here are the results:
Men's A race : Scott Chapin 1st, Aaron Bradford 2nd,Alex Work 8th, Ben Dodge 21st, Kevin Crossley 23rd.
Women's A race: Mary Ellen Ash 12th.
Single speed A: Stella Carey 26th
Single speed B: Kathleen Bortolussi 22nd.
Men's 35 A: Brian Staby 6th.
Men's 45 A : Mark Howland 5th, Frank Kalcic 10th.
Mens's 55: Brent Harris 4th.
Men's 35 B: Jon Mason 2nd.
Men's 45 B: Benoit Dubuisson 14th.
Women's 35: Janel Lodge 3rd.

With 14 racers taking part and 6 podiums, this was a very successful race for Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster.

Photos by Brent the elder

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Jon Mason besting the 35+ B men's field for the second time this season. Newcomer to the team Michael Schaller came in 22nd.
Dodgeball in hot pursuit . He would finish 13th in the men's elite race
Aaron Odell was in the top three for most of the race . He had his best finish so far this season in 8th.
Michelle Perez looked in control and wound up on the podium in the women's 45 + race.
Jeff Patton rode hard and finished 23rd in a very difficult men's elite race in the hot dry afternoon.
The women's 35+ podium with Janel Lodge in 3rd and Natasha Perry in 5th.
The women's 45 + podium with Michelle Perez in 4th. In the men's 35+ A field Jason Rahlwes finished 11th , Mark Howland barely missed the podium in 6 th place in the men's 45 A race. In the men's 45 B race Alan Bennett finished 17th, Benoit Dubuisson 21st , Jeff Traugott had to withdraw with a painful knee. Still not 100% well from a cold, I got 5th in the men's 55 + race. Basicall, only about half the team showed up but we still had a great showing.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Relaxed and confident

Scott and Aaron ready to hit the road for smog city and two UCI events.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

More Photos from CCCX III Manzanita Park

Photos by Brent the elder

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Although we only had about 2/3 of our team at the race we had a lot of success. Michelle Perez got an impressive 3rd in a strong women's 45 + field and Janel Lodge did the same in an equally challenging 35+ race with Natasha Perry following at 6th. In the men's masters Mark Howland raced to 5th and a podium spot in the 45 + A race with Frank Kalcic following at 14th. Jon Mason continued his unbroken streak of podium spots with a 4th in the men's 35 +. Allan Bennett did his first race of the season in the men's 45 +B race and came in 15th. Mary Ellen Ash also did her first race in the women's elite race and got 10th. Jason Ralwhes raced to 10th in the men's 35 + A group.
In the men's elite race it was pretty much the Scott and Aaron show with mr. Chapin and mr. Bradford going 1-2 in the men's elite race . This was Scott's first win of the season. Aaron Odell came in at 12th , Ben Dodge had a few visits to the pit but stayed in and finished 21st and Jeff Patton came in at 28th.

In the men's 55+ race I raced to 5th fighting a cold and Brent Harris had a first lap mechanical but still hung in there for 7th.

Thursday, October 06, 2011


Many folks coild not make this race due to injuries, sickness and schedules. Nevertheless, the team did a smashing job, especially Matt Jordan who folded his 2007 team bike in dramatic fashion. Fortunately Matt escaped with only a few abrasions and his frame has been repaired and will soon see action again. The big winners of the day were Janel Lodge continuing here dominance of the womens 35 + field with Kathleen Bortolussi coming in 3rd. Michelle Perez won the womens 45 + with a strong effort and Alex Work rode away from the mens 35 A group , just like last week.
Stella Carey rode with a cold and still made the podium in the elite womens cataegory at 4th.

Scott Chapin challenged for the win in the mens elite race against pro rider Andy Jaques-Mayne and wound up 2nd after a very hard race. He was followed by Ben Dodge in 9th , Jeff Patton in 16th and Dave Wyandt in 18th who had a crash and a wheel change late in the race.
Other results were Jon Mason in the 35 B race getting 3rd, still riding much stronger than last season. Mark Howland getting closer to the podium finishing 6th in the mens 45 A group , Jeff Traugott finishing in 7th in the mens 45 B group, and finally I finished 4th in the mens 55+. I didn't manage to get more photos as the pit area was very busy .