Monday, November 28, 2011

BASP Golden Gate Park

With two wins, six podiums and a couple of breakout races by Mary Ellen Ash and Natasha Perry, there was cause to celebrate. The one unfortunate event was the injury to Mark 'Howie' Howland in the mens 45 A race after winning his last two races. We hope he recovers soon.

Results for the BASP Golden Gate cyclocross 11/27/11:

Mens A: Aaron Bradford 1, Scott Chapin 3, Kevin crossley 13, Aaron Odell 20, Ben Dodge 52.
Womens A: Mary Ellen Ash 9, Katie Jay Melina 22.
Mens 35 A: Brian Staby 13
Womens 35+: Janel Lodge 1, Natasha Perry 2.
Mens 45 A: Tim Watson 13, Frank Kalcic 23, Mark Howland injured, dnf.
Mens 55+: Paul Sadoff 4, Brent Harris 6.
Mens 35 B: Jon Mason 3, Michael Schaller 50.
Mens 45 B: Benoit Dubuisson 16, Allan Bennett 26.

Photos: Brent Harris

Santa Rosa Cup Number 1

Photos by Brent

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thank you Bob's Red Mill !

The shipping manifest said that this order was over 600 lbs. ! I think that's enough to fuel the rest of the season. Thanks to our generous sponsor, Bob's Red Mill.....the best stuff on earth.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Single Speed World Championships

Happy birthday, Stella !

Photos: Brent


A typical scene in the man made water trap.....nobody in any particular rush..

Saturday, November 19, 2011

This is what a district silver medal look like

Yeah, it may be upside down but Alan T. Ott is the silver medalist in the Oregon state district championships in the 50 + masters. Well done !

Sunday, November 13, 2011

BASP Sierra Point

Aaron Bradford and Scott Chapin, 1&2 in the men's A race.....did you expect anything else ? Kevin Crossley rode from way back in the group up to 6th. Aaron Odell, Jeff Patton, Ben Dodge and Alex Work were in there as well but the officials were not able to put the results together.....maybe next time.
Here's Frank at the start, about 45 minutes after he wiped out on the course and rung his bell pretty good. Funny thing is it didn't seem to slow him down !
Brian Staby all smiles at the start....he must have known he was going to have a good race.
If not for a couple of thrown chains Benoit would have had his best result ever at a BASP race.
Benoit in full concentration before the start.
Michael Schaller anticipating the pain of the race before turning a pedal.
Aaron and Scott would give a clinic in the men's elite race and finish with a good margin, Aaron taking 1st.
Jon Mason would also have an exceptional ride finishing in third ahead of a very large 35 B men's field.
It was the bottom step of the podium at fifth place in the men's 55+ group,but I was happy to get it .
Photos by Brent the elder

Monday, November 07, 2011

Stafford Lake

John Mason took 4th place in the Men's 35+B's. I took 3rd in the Men's 55+.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

CCCX 6 Manzanita BBQ extravaganza

The rain cells came though and made for wild temperature fluctuations but the dampness made the course fast and fun.
Continuing her great rides in the women's A group, Stella Carey got 3rd.
Yes, there were other women in the top four of the 35 plus race but only our team showed up and made it look like a sweep, which it nearly was. Janel Lodge 1st, Kathleen Bortolussi 3rd, Natasha Perry 4th.
Michelle Perez made the podium in 2nd and solidified her lead in the overall in the 45 plus race.
This is the men's A field at the start. It was pretty small and we had four riders entered. Aaron Bradford was leading the race when he rolled a tire and had to stop twice and try to get the front tire back on the rim. He wound up riding his way back to 3rd and probably would have caught the leaders if there were a couple more laps.Tyler Frasca wore a team kit for the day and finished a strong 6th with Aaron Odell following in 8th and Jeff Patton in 10th. Will Hall nearly took the win in the 45 B group before a fall and a flat tire put him in 2nd. Benoit Dubuisson followed in 9th and Allan Bennett in 16th. was a rainy lunch but it was really tasty in spite of the conditions. The BBQ was manned by Frank Kalcic and the grillables were provided by Tim Watson. Jeff and Nancy Patton brought some great food as did Janel Lodge . Scott Chapin baked some cookies and sat out the race with a cold.
Master of the grill in action at the back of the tent. Nobody had anything near what our team had in terms of food, fun and results.
Don't blink, you'll miss my 15 seconds on the podium in 3rd in the men's 55 plus race.In the men's 45 A group, Mark Howland barely missed the podium in 6th followed by Frank the tank Kalcic in 13th, Tim Watson in 22nd and Brett Lambert in 23rd, a victim of a mechanical. Michael Schaller finished 16th in the men's 35 B race. Our sole entry in the men's 35 A race, Jason Rahlwes finished 6th with a strong ride. All in all, this is the biggest group we have brought to a race so far this season...that is until next weekend !