Sunday, September 09, 2018


Not the first race of the season but the first one where the team showed up in numbers. It is still very early in the season but this day showed that there's a lot of depth and talent in this years edition of the team.
Early in the day the Juniors were in the action :
Boy's 10-14    Mac Tomkins 4th
Boy's 15-18   Korbin Tomkin 1, Peter Vahlberg 2, Ethan Waterhouse 3, Nate Vahlberg 4, Alaska Grant 7th, Lucas Binder 8th.

In the open B category: Dan English 7th, Kyle Taylor 8th.

In the master men 55+   :  Greg Foy 2nd.

Men's A race:  Max Judeslon 2, Brendan Lehman 5, Alex Work 8, Noah Hayes 14, Eric Brown 18, Dean Poshard 19.

Next week is Manzanita Park- hopefully the rest of the team will be there to represent. With racers spread all over the bay area and some in other states it is difficult to have most of the team in one place but there will be a few dates in the calendar when it will happen.

# 1 will be our home race, the Surf City cyclocross presented by team Voler Rock Lobster on Oct. 28th at the Cal Fire camp on Empire grade. More about this race soon.
# 2 will be the Nor-Cal districts T.B.A.
# 3 will be the nationals in Louisville, Ky. in December. This will be the return of the nationals to the earlier format, a full month ahead of last few years former date in January. This will mean that in 2018 we will have two national CX races- possibly a first ever.

Sunday, September 02, 2018

What a way to start a season !

It is barely September but in Virginia the first UCI weekend kicked off with the Go Cross in Roanoke. Our sole participant in the event was Caroline Nolan who got in the points both days with 5th on Saturday and 4th on Sunday, only 26 seconds off the winning time. This is Caroline's best start to a season ever and could be a sign of big things ahead. With racers in China, California and Virginia , this small team has a pretty big presence on the world CX circuit. More race reports to come as CCCX # 1 was Saturday and the two race UCI series in China is ongoing.

Monday, January 29, 2018

Team Rock Lobster Junior Cyclocross Development Fundraiser

The Deserter - Classic Tee - Native Green
The Deserter - Boxy Tee - Native Green
 Hi Everybody

We at Team Rock Lobster believe that getting involved in cycling at a young age can lead to many health, psychological, and social benefits. To that end Campbell Steers  and Carter Chappell of Team Rock Lobster in collaboration with Iris Alonzo the Co-Founder of Everbody.World have designed a shirt to help fund the Team Rock Lobster Juniors CX Development squadThe proceeds from this project will be the seed money to start building a fleet of fully Made in the USA loaner bikes for our Juniors to use during the coming Cyclocross seasons.
What What?! 


This limited run of shirts comes in a Native Green Made from 100% recycled cotton (the first of its kind!), this t-shirt has a more relaxed design, but can be worn by all

Learn more about the Trash Tee here.

So, what we are saying here is that you can

*Support Local Grassroots Youth Cycling
*Support sustainable manufacturing practices in the garment industry
*Stay warm
*And Look really, really, good while doing all the above!

Normally, Trash Tee's cost $25 with nothing printed on them, out of the kindness of their sustainable hearts everybody. World has allowed us great pricing so that we can sell printed shirts for $30 + shipping!  

100% of the proceeds of every single shirt go directly to fund the 2018 Rock Lobster Juniors - CX DEVO squad. Things this money will be used for:

*Equipment (bikes, tires, jerseys, etc.)
*Race Entry & Travel Costs
*Training Camps and Skills Clinics

The shirt comes in two fits:

The Classic Trash Tee (M & F)Made from 100% recycled cotton (the first of its kind!), this t-shirt has a more masculine design, but can be worn by all. We opted for a classic cut and erred on the side of easy when it came to fit.
The recycled fabric is 18/1 recycled cotton jersey which means the yarn is thicker than most tees out there, with a soft-yet-coarse texture. We garment washed each t-shirt after it was sewn so its vintage-soft, preshrunk and ready to wear
Women: Also, made from 100% recycled cotton, this t-shirt is designed to have a looser fitThe neck is wide, almost boat neck-y, the sleeves are cropped and flare slightly from the arm, and the body is straight, hitting at around the hip depending on your height.
 Campbell Steers, Ben Dodge, & Carter Chappell
Team Rock Lobster CX
(Voler/Clif/HRS/Rock Lobster)
NOTE: Check out the fit on the boxy, it's a little fashion forwardBUT give it a shot! Iris of Everybody.World recommends it. The Boxy Tee is the way to go!

The Deserter - Classic Tee - Native Green
The Deserter - Boxy Tee - Native Green