Monday, January 30, 2012

Surf city final and county championship

Janel and Natasha rode another great race to finish 2 and 3 on the day. The course was really hilly and demanding, much more difficult than Harbor High courses of the past.

Howie and Tim were 1 and 2 in the mens 45 A group with Howie claiming the county champion hat.
This was a huge victory for Will Hall in the 45 B race getting the overall series victory and 2nd on the day. Will finished no worse than 2nd in the four race series. Benoit Dubiusson finished 6th on the day
Brent Harris and I fought it out with the field of 13 in the mens 55 group. I came in 4th and Brent came in 6th.....the results for the day and the overall were not quite dialed.

This is Brent after his collision with a tree and some dehydration from the warm dry conditions.
Here's Tim Watson attempting to explain how he got 2nd place after spending a few days this week in bed with food poisoning......he was in disbelief ! Both Tim And Frank made for a really festive last race of the season with a super barbeque and folks from the team and outside the team were well fed. Although I didn't get photos, Aaron Bradford showed up and rode to 2nd place in the mens A race and secured 2nd overall in the series. Ben Dodge rode to another top-10 capping off an excellent season. Michael Schaller rode in the 35 B group but I was unable to get a placing for him. Alex Work dominated the single speed race again adding a county championship to his district championship.Results can be seen at Surf City cyclocross.

Monday, January 16, 2012

CCCX Final Fort Ord

Here's Benoit Dubuisson after a sprint finish in the 45 B group. He finished 8th on the day and 6th for the season. Alan Bennett would finish 14th.
The CCCX final at Fort Ord saw a windy, chilly day of fast riding and changing fortunes in the overall season standings-for the most part, favorable for our team. Jon Mason finished 7th on the day but 2nd overall in the mens 35B class, capping an excellent season. Michael Scaller would finish 11th on the day.
Michelle Perez ended her CCCX with a second place.
Natasha, Janel and Kathleen went 1,2,3 in the series with Janel at the top of the podium.
Scott Chapin could not stop the Cal Giant train but stuck it out for 4th on the day and 4th in the series with Ben Dodge going 6th on the day and 3rd for the series. Jeff Patton missed the series podium by only three points.

Mark Howland came back from broken ribs to finish 3rd on the day and 4th for the series in the mens 45 A group.
Jason Rahlwes got 5th for the day and 5th for the series in the mens 35 A group.

I had my best CCCX finish of the year with second on the day and 3rd for the series.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nationals part II

Here's Alex Work coasting over the line in the top-25 of the 35-39 race after a last-row call-up. He would pay for his efforts with abdominal bleeding that would keep him out of the elite race the next day. Still, after 7th in the single-speed event and a good showing here , He had a great week.
Here's the fleet in the host house garage. We had a full shop at our disposal along with great support in the pits. The Ericsson's definitely had our backs for the whole five days of racing.
This is Scott's divetrain after the single speed race. close to 50 minutes with no pitting and this is what you get, mud and prairie grass caking everything.
The home cooked meals were a highlight-this night was linguini with bacon, tomatoe, onion and parsley-al la Amatriciana to be specific.
David Millet missed his start but finished in the 30 plus non-championship race on the first day. I guess starting a couple minutes down really eliminates the dangers of riding in a random group of folks you don't know on a slick, muddy course.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

CX Nationals, Verona, Wi.

In true team tradition the bacon nachos were prepared by Scott Chapin.
Here's one visual result of a single speed CX national's race........
And here's another. Aaron Bradford 1st, Scott Chapin 4th, Alex Work 7th. I would say that Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster looked to be the dominant team in this event.