Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nationals part II

Here's Alex Work coasting over the line in the top-25 of the 35-39 race after a last-row call-up. He would pay for his efforts with abdominal bleeding that would keep him out of the elite race the next day. Still, after 7th in the single-speed event and a good showing here , He had a great week.
Here's the fleet in the host house garage. We had a full shop at our disposal along with great support in the pits. The Ericsson's definitely had our backs for the whole five days of racing.
This is Scott's divetrain after the single speed race. close to 50 minutes with no pitting and this is what you get, mud and prairie grass caking everything.
The home cooked meals were a highlight-this night was linguini with bacon, tomatoe, onion and parsley-al la Amatriciana to be specific.
David Millet missed his start but finished in the 30 plus non-championship race on the first day. I guess starting a couple minutes down really eliminates the dangers of riding in a random group of folks you don't know on a slick, muddy course.

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