Sunday, December 30, 2007

Harbor high Peak Season

Stella, at home in the woods on her single speed. One race was not enough for Stella, even with a 2nd place finish in the womens 'A' race.......she entered and finished the one hour single speed event.
Alex Work finding the full hour 'A' race a tougher plate of cheese than the 'B' race. All the same, he made it the distance and represented well.
Big Dean was a star today always riding in the top ten and finishing a season best 4th place in the mens A catagory.

Tim Watson rode a strong race and finished the full hour 35 plus mens race in the top five.

A. K in full flight on the last lap.

A.K. rode a hard race and finished in the top ten helping his overall series placing.


Who is this man ? And did he really fix the 1918 world series ? Guess again, it's none other than our homeboy Simon with a fresh growth of " I don't like my razor any more" .

Drizzle and dampness couldn't wipe the smile off of punk-ass D.J. Snead's face.
All the best intentions cannot make the turntables work without the all important output cord.....good thing it wasn't a paying least not in money. Way too many chips, slices of pizza and beers were the bounty at this event.
But really, it's about riding together in the elements and finding a commonality in mud splattered fellowship.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Special 'no camera' report on CCCX

Batteries go dead sometimes,this was the case Sunday at the CCCX in fort Ord. The camera may have been a dud but our team was on fire as the early B mens race was won by a bunnyhopping Alex Work , recording his first ever win on a bike. Next up were the masters A group with Tim Watson riding to 8th place and Frank Kalcic finishing his first A race in 18th. Julie Borthers came away with a bronze medal in the womens 35 plus group. The mens A race saw a fired up Aaron Odell leading from the gun and running away from the locals despite two bike changes. Dean Poshard helped early on with some good blocking and came in 6th , one of his best finishes of the year. Ben Dodge rode to 10th in spite of a couple mechanicals. Nick Purtscher started fast and payed for it but still held on to a credible 14th place. With a big part of the team at the Nationals this weekend showed the depth of this team-capeable of dominating the local races even with the bulk of the team elsewhere.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Show me de money

The team had people on nearly every podium for the day and for the overall series. All in all the pilarcitos has been a tremendous success for the HRS/Rock Lobsters and with a few less injured racers we would have taken the team title for the second year. Inspite of numerous injuries and absences , the depth of the team showed as the overall series was won in the 45B mens catagory by Tom Fox and the Elite women by Sarah Kerlin.Josh Snead,Aaron Odell and Aaron Kereluk finished 2nd,3rd and 4th in the mens elite catagory for the series , not leaving much room for anyone else on the podium. Frank Kalcic (mens 35B)and Alex Work (mens B)both improved on thier respective G.C. placings to make the podium on the last day of the series. Everyone raced hard and really battled not just to hold onto thier rankings but to improve as much as possible.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh, yeah....the team !

We had a literal fleet of master's men at Portland. Here are the results for the Sat/Sun. races. Elite Masters 35 plus:Matt Jordan Sat: 24th, Sun. 21st. Max Clifford Sat:35th, Sun: 38th. Evan Adams Sat: 40th,Sun:60th. Obra master's 45 plus: Alan T. Ott: Sat: 18th, Sun: 19th. Paul Sadoff Sat:50th, Sun:38th ( really a DNF but I got credited anyway) Steven Itano: Sun: 31st. Elite UCI women; Sarah Kerlin : Sat:16th, Sun:15th. The stories of these individual races must be told by the racers themselves. From the outside I saw some really valiant efforts and serious testing of our squad. I believe we made a sizeable impression on the weekend's events.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Everything as it should be

Heading north to the ultimate shrine city of 'cross is always a trip into a strange world of people who go out to either race,watch or both in snow,hail, rain and/or hurricane force winds. All who went were given more than they bargained for as the snow fell on Saturday and created a slippery mess that formed into clumps of frozen wads of turf that tore off countless derailleurs and clogged bikes making a normally hard race even more painful. Sunday saw warmer tepmeratures and deep soupy mud that got deeper as the torrents of rain came unrelentingly the whole day. Gusts of wind in the afternoon blew tents skyward and them sent them smashing to the ground, all the while the war drums were beating as the battle on the course got more savage with each passing minute. Many strong riders were not up to the test , walking off in silent resignation.....all the while the drummers pounded until the tent they were under was starting to rip from it's moorings, forcing the drum corps to leave. Spectators normally happy to stand in the rain and wind fled for there cars during the elite events. Photographers ran around trying to capture every aspect of the experience from the muddy riders to the shivering spectators. This was Portland 2007.

Monday, December 03, 2007

when the cats away the lobsters will play

While some of the HRS RL team was in Icy wet Portland, the down homes went out and crushed the field at CCCX.
Aaron Odell takes another first and Josh Snead snags the runner up spot.
Stella Carey rode away from the rest and took another win.


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