Sunday, December 09, 2007

Show me de money

The team had people on nearly every podium for the day and for the overall series. All in all the pilarcitos has been a tremendous success for the HRS/Rock Lobsters and with a few less injured racers we would have taken the team title for the second year. Inspite of numerous injuries and absences , the depth of the team showed as the overall series was won in the 45B mens catagory by Tom Fox and the Elite women by Sarah Kerlin.Josh Snead,Aaron Odell and Aaron Kereluk finished 2nd,3rd and 4th in the mens elite catagory for the series , not leaving much room for anyone else on the podium. Frank Kalcic (mens 35B)and Alex Work (mens B)both improved on thier respective G.C. placings to make the podium on the last day of the series. Everyone raced hard and really battled not just to hold onto thier rankings but to improve as much as possible.

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