Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Oh, yeah....the team !

We had a literal fleet of master's men at Portland. Here are the results for the Sat/Sun. races. Elite Masters 35 plus:Matt Jordan Sat: 24th, Sun. 21st. Max Clifford Sat:35th, Sun: 38th. Evan Adams Sat: 40th,Sun:60th. Obra master's 45 plus: Alan T. Ott: Sat: 18th, Sun: 19th. Paul Sadoff Sat:50th, Sun:38th ( really a DNF but I got credited anyway) Steven Itano: Sun: 31st. Elite UCI women; Sarah Kerlin : Sat:16th, Sun:15th. The stories of these individual races must be told by the racers themselves. From the outside I saw some really valiant efforts and serious testing of our squad. I believe we made a sizeable impression on the weekend's events.

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