Monday, December 16, 2013

CCCX 6 Manzanita Park

 This was a really good showing for the masters at CCCX. In the 45 B race Alan Bennett overcame a pedal problem at the start and rode to 3rd place with Michael Schaller following in the top-10. Benoit Dubuisson rode to 2nd in the single speed B class and has a shot at winning the overall. The first win of the day was Mark Abele, seemingly in command of the 55 plus group. Rock Ortenblad raced strongly for 4th and I hung on for 5th. With lots of team people out with sickness or injury we still had a really dominant Sunday at the windy fast course.
 Scott and Drew were our only elites to make it down to the race-here's the start.
 Ellen Sherrill was our only entrant in the women's elite race and was in the lead group for the whole race. She would finish 3rd after being in contention for the win-a loose corner delayed her in the final sprint.

Livia Peres was unopposed this day but still rode hard as if everything was on the line. With many wins in the series she looks to have the overall win locked up. 
 Drew, taxed from the day before still riding strong and finishing 6th in the men's elite race.
 Kailin Waterman showing that he can beat the best in the men's single speed A race, coming in second after one solid hour at the front.
The  men's snigle speed A podium.
Scott Chapin rode to 3rd place in the men's elite race-holding off some of Nor-Cals best riders with a great solo ride. The elite field was perhaps the largest and most competitive of the day-only a couple races left before the nationals and Scott is looking prepared.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Bend UCI and Cross Crusade weekend

 Does this look cold to you ? Sub-zero conditions greeted us in Bend for the last big weekend race of the year. Clear skies on Thursday turned to Snow on Friday and dumped more than half a foot on the town and race course.
 Checking out the course on Friday was a cold business. The thought of racing in these conditions was insane.....but we raced nonetheless.
Rick and I were the first to go off at 10:30 A.M. -temperatures were said  to be just below zero.
Rick got a good start and wound up 10th for the day-
I was not as lucky , getting delayed by some crashes and finished in 11th.
 The trombone made its first trip north and the band played on the flyover much to the annoyance of the race officials-everyone else was into it though.
Katie Jay getting ready for the start of the women's elite race. She would finish 15th and earn her first ever UCI point.
Look carefully and you'll see the lime-green helmet of Courtenay McFadden. Our new team mate would race to 8th place on the day after getting caught in early race traffic. Courtenay has been at the front most UCI weekends-so much that she has earned a spot at /cross Eurocamp and will be in Belgium the remainder of December. She has a chance to make the world's team-this means a Bicycle Bluebook rider at the very top of the sport.......not bad for a small team with bikes pretty much built by one guy in a shed.
Scott Chapin getting psyched for the men's elite race. He would ride from the 4rth row on his single speed to 23rd , passing many riders in the process.
Another new elite team mate Kevin Noiles from Canada would start in the third row and finish 22nd in the men's elite race. Kevin handled the cold temps better than most-Scott would wind up with frostbite in both hands. Andrew Juiliano got caught in an early pileup and get stuck near the back of the field but made the most of it airing the flyover and giving the crowd and photographers something to cheer about.He would finish 36th. Kailin Waterman also rode a single speed and would finish 41st .
Here's the van loaded and ready for the trip back to California-ten bikes and  six riders definitely ready to leave the snow behind.
The tunnel at the end of the light.....making the last hour home.

Surf City final Aptos High school campus

 This was a really hilly and difficult end to a very challenging series. We had three series winners on the team, probably one of the best showings for the team at Surf City in many years. With a number of key folks out with injuries and illness the team showed its depth with some great riding on the day . I managed a truly rare win for the series-a first for me in 14 years. Rick Ortenblad overcame a flat tire to get 4th for the season.
 Mary Ellen Ash made the podium in 5th for the season with consistent riding in the women's A category.
Livia Peres competed a dominant season winning the overall in the 35 plus category.
Scott Chapin, Kevin Crossley and Alex Work took the top three places in the men's A category-leaving no room at the top for the other teams, just like in the old days.
Sarah Kerlin rode to a top-10 on the day in the women's A race.
 Kevin Crossley went 4th on the day, always near the front of the race.
Alex Work.......always winning. Also, Benoit Dubuisson, Craig Ball and Michael Schaller made the podium in the men's 45 B race 2nd,3rd and 4th with a great showing for the season. Allan Bennett had a strong race on the day in the front until the final laps.