Monday, November 28, 2011

BASP Golden Gate Park

With two wins, six podiums and a couple of breakout races by Mary Ellen Ash and Natasha Perry, there was cause to celebrate. The one unfortunate event was the injury to Mark 'Howie' Howland in the mens 45 A race after winning his last two races. We hope he recovers soon.

Results for the BASP Golden Gate cyclocross 11/27/11:

Mens A: Aaron Bradford 1, Scott Chapin 3, Kevin crossley 13, Aaron Odell 20, Ben Dodge 52.
Womens A: Mary Ellen Ash 9, Katie Jay Melina 22.
Mens 35 A: Brian Staby 13
Womens 35+: Janel Lodge 1, Natasha Perry 2.
Mens 45 A: Tim Watson 13, Frank Kalcic 23, Mark Howland injured, dnf.
Mens 55+: Paul Sadoff 4, Brent Harris 6.
Mens 35 B: Jon Mason 3, Michael Schaller 50.
Mens 45 B: Benoit Dubuisson 16, Allan Bennett 26.

Photos: Brent Harris

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