Sunday, December 04, 2011

CCCX Nor-Cal district championships

The district CCCX race at Toro Park was a big success for the team-here's Will Hall with his 2nd place medal with Jeff Traugott , sponsor and competitor.
The two available championship jerseys in single speed reside in this team with Alex Work and Stella Carey.Stella also finished with a bronze medal in the women's A race.
Natasha Perry continues here good racing with a bronze medal in the women's 35 + field followed by Kathleen Bortolussi in 5th.
Slowed by a flat tire, Janel Lodge still held on for the silver medal in the women's 45+ race.
Kevin Crossley rode a great race in the men's A field and came in 6th, followed by Ben Dodge in 14th, Aaron Odell in 19th and Sean Coffey 22nd, back on the bike after a long injury recovery.
Here's the very first women'd single speed podium in Nor-Cal with Stella at the top.Another medalist was Jon Mason finishing 2nd in the men's 35 B group , continuing his run of podium spots. Other finishers : Jason Rahlwes 11th in the men's 35 A race , Tim Watson and Frank Kalcic going 10th and 11th in the men's 45 A race, Benoit Dubuisson 9th, Jeff Traugott 14th and Alan Bennett 19th in the men's 45 B race, Michael Schaller 14th in the men's 35 B race and I trailed in 9th in the men's 55 race.
Alex victorious in the single speed race after crashing out of the 35 A field.

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