Sunday, November 13, 2011

BASP Sierra Point

Aaron Bradford and Scott Chapin, 1&2 in the men's A race.....did you expect anything else ? Kevin Crossley rode from way back in the group up to 6th. Aaron Odell, Jeff Patton, Ben Dodge and Alex Work were in there as well but the officials were not able to put the results together.....maybe next time.
Here's Frank at the start, about 45 minutes after he wiped out on the course and rung his bell pretty good. Funny thing is it didn't seem to slow him down !
Brian Staby all smiles at the start....he must have known he was going to have a good race.
If not for a couple of thrown chains Benoit would have had his best result ever at a BASP race.
Benoit in full concentration before the start.
Michael Schaller anticipating the pain of the race before turning a pedal.
Aaron and Scott would give a clinic in the men's elite race and finish with a good margin, Aaron taking 1st.
Jon Mason would also have an exceptional ride finishing in third ahead of a very large 35 B men's field.
It was the bottom step of the podium at fifth place in the men's 55+ group,but I was happy to get it .
Photos by Brent the elder

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