Monday, September 21, 2009

Chicago Cross Cup #1

It was like Christmas Eve before I learned of the absence of Santa Claus. Laying awake in bed, not able to fall asleep because I was so excited for what was to come the following day. Instead of brightly wrapped presents, I was in store for an hour of pain and some playing in the dirt.

I started my season this year with the kick off of my home town Chicago series and was excited to race with friends. After plenty of joking and high fives on the line they blew the whistle and we were on. I pounded the pedals and took the whole shot into the tight "S" curves on the super dusty baseball diamond. I came off the silt of the infield to see the carnage I had escaped and pushed to separate myself from as many racers as possible.

I led the first half of lap until I dropped my chain sprinting through the barriers and was caught by the first couple of chasers. I lost that valuable edge, but now it was real head to head racing. And for the next innumerable number of laps, we battled it out for every foot of a lead over each other. Somewhere with about three laps to go I got gapped by the leader, but still maintained my lead over the third place rider. I rode the last few laps at a steady pace and rolled in for a comfortable second place.

I am so very excited for the following months. A huge thank you to all the sponsors that helped out the team this year, I don't think I could be any better prepared. Next up is an hour of power in Vegas, racing Wednesday night at CrossVegas! Photo by: Gavin Gould