Sunday, September 27, 2009

CCCX 2, The Wolf is back

The Wolf is back.....and Buckethead.....and Odell. Josh Snead pretty much continued what he was doing last year-that was winning the local races. That, however is not the whole story as our elite men's team took four of the five available podium places: Josh Snead 1st, Scott Chapin 2nd, Aaron Odell 4th and Dave Wyandt 5th. New member Jason Rahwles went from the back of the race to a top ten showing why he is a great addition to the team. Jill Fattor might be eligable to race with the masters women but getting 4th in the Elites she proved that she might be too fast for that class. Luckily we have Kathleen Bortolussi in the Masters to take 1st in Jill's absence. Michelle Perez got a respectable 4th in the womens masters and Erin Dunn rode to 2nd in the C's on a borrowed bike. New member Kevin Crossley won the men's B's showing that he is just about ready to ride the A catagory. Brett Lambert got 2nd in the men's 45 A group in spite of a couple of bike changes. More photos should be coming....this is the only one I took as I was busy with the pit duties.

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