Saturday, June 10, 2006

slog loggster

Hey, where are all my friends? You missed it if you weren't there.....rock lobster 'cross training camp # 1. Simon put Chappy and myself through a rigorous frisbee ( 50 minutes)and sand-running ( I only lasted about 5 minutes....) gauntlet. Chappy did some extra curricular rock throwing, quite impressive in a Scottish games sense. My shoulder feels like I was shot at close range with a medium caliber firearm and my legs are really knotted up. I guess the last run I did of that duration was in 1994......I I was a little rusty, no doubt. There will be more of these outings....usually after work at Natural Bridges beach. I would encourage all slaggards like myself to show up. It really gives me a new view on things....good cycling shape alone really doesn't cut it in 'cross....story of my life, anyway. Till next time, swiggboss.

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