Monday, December 07, 2009

CycloCross Coyote Point - CCCP

In the absence of the Boss I will attempt another race report: It was a fine day for Lobsters, chilly and a little moist. This was the last race of the year for the Bay Area Super Prestige series. Finishing 1,2,3 in the Men's Elite race were Josh Snead, Dave, Wyandt, and Chris McGovern. Scott Chapin and Aaron O'Dell also finished in the top 10. This insured Josh's title as series champion. Chris, Dave, Scott, Aaron, and Aaron Kereluk finished the series in positions 2,3,5,8,and 10. Lobster Domination I'd say! Jill Fattor and Stella Carey finished 3 and 4 respectively in the Elite Women's race, with Stella finishing 3rd overall in the series and Jill finishing 4th. Master Lobsters Kathleen Borolussi and Brett Lambert both finished their races on the podium. Both were also 2nd overall for the series in their respective categories. Tim Watson was 5th overall in the Masters Men 45+. In the B Women's race Jay Melena rode to a 2nd place finish. Jay and Erin Dunn finished 2nd and 7th overall for the series.
Brent The Elder

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