Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Wolf strikes again

Sadly, my camera was at home for the final race of 2009 but here's an earlier picture of the man who crossed the line in first. Josh and Dave really set the tempo early in the race and the only riders that could follow were Alan Coates ( Cal Giant) , Scott Chapin and Alex Work. Within a few laps only Coats and Josh were with the Wolf who looked very comfortable in the lead. With a few laps to go Dave attacked and got some distance. Meanwhile Josh was mixing it up with Coats and the words between the two riders were not very friendly. Dave crashed and the two followers caught up and the trio were together again but this time it was a rolling discussion rather than a race, at least until Dave decided it was and he rolled off this time and was a solo winner with Coats coming in second, Scott getting third ,Alex in 4th. and Josh succoming to leg cramps and finishing 5th.Aaron Kereluk was up there in 7th after battling in the chase group. Jason Rahlwes got 11th while Dean Poshard wound up in the lucky 13th spot.....Eric Highlander was foiled by a nail in his tire for the second year in a row in this race.In the Womens A event Stella was our lead representative and she had to contend with two national champions in the field. She led for the first couple of laps and stayed close to finish on the podium in 3rd, well clear of the rest of the field.Kaite Jay Melina finished 7th. Sean Coffey had arguably his best race of the season battling for the win with Cesar Chavez ( Buy sell.com) and getting the second spot on the podium , holding off a three man chase group for the last few laps. Tom Sullivan and Brent Harris did a fine job finishing 5th and 6th in the 55 plus and I managed to get 7th in the 45 B group. Frank Kalcic finished 15th in a top-class 35 A field.


Timmy! said...

That dude is one foxy motherfucker!

Timmy! said...

I reckon he must be part werewolf or something.