Tuesday, December 15, 2009

This is your brain on 'cross.....Nationals last day

These dark images are mostly of the last night party that we accidentally stumbled upon Sunday after the last race. We were just looking for dinner but when the roller races and raffle started , we knew that the team had to represent and crush the locals.
Steph Thompson dealt a serious drubbing to all the ladies in the roller races without so much as breaking a sweat.
This was the moment when Alex took on Ryan Trebon and sent him to the showers in defeat.To the left is an example of what cycling can do to develope the gluteous region into a useful shelf for refreshments.

The team table must have looked a little scary to the throngs of hipsters in thier too-tight jeans and ill fitting socks.

If you can ride, you can dance.

Alan T. Ott finishing his race on Saturday in the sultry 12 degree conditions. From 109th position to the top 30 was how he rode. The sad thing is that Brett Lambert was not able to be in this race, a race that he would surely have done well. We will have to wait until next year to see what he can do in the snows of central Oregon.

Standing in the pits required thick boots and every article of clothing that you could pull on. When the wind would come up and the sun would go behind a cloud the temperature with the wind chill was probably just above zero.

This contrasted with the final round of the roller races where Alex took the initiative and removed his shirt. Alex and Scott went 1-2 in the roller races.
The top speed of the night was the bucketheads......57 m.p.h. !

The Cross Crusade drum corps were in full effect Saturday and Sunday. Below, Scott warms up before the roller races. The results are in......this team earned two medals at the Nationals: Steph Thompson silver (2nd)in the womens B class, Josh Snead bronze (4th) in the mens 30-34.
Jill Fattor had a top-10 despite a crash and a flat tire. Frank Kalcic had the ride of his life getting into the top 25 in the mens 45-49. All of the team rode hard and represented well and HRS/Rock Lobster definitely made a presence at this well attended event.


benlikesbikes said...

that was the best 10 days of my year, bummed I missed out on the bottle rockets and roller races, but you can count me in on those shenanigans next year

swiggco world said...

we missed you, too.

Brent said...

you forgot to mention the great race by Paul Sadoff! Clearly an inspired race.