Monday, December 07, 2009

Stanley Cup Portland

Catch the flavor. Much thanks to Julie Popper for working in the pits and cheering loudly. More thanks to Ben and Julie for helping keeping the tent from blowing away on Sunday.A big thanks to Dean Poshard for fronting me a rear Der. so I could race on Sunday . Riders present from the team: Max Clifford, Dean Poshard, Ben Popper, Alan Ott, Paul Sadoff. Bob's Red mill provided most of the breakfasts and Cheryl and Richard of Lair Hill market were our hosts and saviors.HRS got us here and will get us to the Nat'z as well. Easton, Mavic, Paul Components and Chris King kept us rolling. Gu made us roll faster. Mad alchemy kept a few of us from freezing . Hudz, Voler and Sock Guy made us the most stylin' team on the course. Sheila moon kept the cold away and Fizik was watchin' our backsides. Jeff Traugott and Ken Sato helped make the trip possible. The bikes....well, you all know how we roll.

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