Sunday, September 30, 2007

Snead powers Fairfax Cross Race 2007-09-28

So the word is AJM is back racing cross. His 2 top 5 results at starcrossed and steillacoom UCI races show his injuries are now to a minimum.
Welcome back to cross.
Sneads new nickname might be Sampson as the longer his beard gets the faster he gets. Sneads on a roll this year, riding strong!
Dave Twolf was onhand to stick the 1,2s to AJM too.Check the podium and see that Odell was 4th making it very close to a sweep of the elite mens race for the team. Dean Poshard rode strong in the last two laps finishing 10th.

Sarah Kerlin snaggled a 2nd in elite women.Stella Carey finished a strong 4th.Both Sarah and Stella rode a clean race when many of the women were hitting the turf with alarming frequency.

Matt Jordan had a great race and was 5th in Master 35+ As, right up there with the big guns.Max Clifford rode strongly to finish in the top 15.

Congrats homeboys!

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