Saturday, September 30, 2006

Holiday is Over Biyatches!

UCI race day #1 Southampton NY has come and gone and the team has definitley taken a few lumps. The fact that I have no UCI points dooms me to start in about the fourth row, meaning the back. I would complain more about how I was so far back and it was so hard to move up, but Ben Jacques-Mayne was dissed on call ups and started right next to me and T Wolf (Wyandt). The start was a long and fast pavement stretch which would dump us onto the course and funnel us down into a rocky dry stream crossing. Every one in front of me hit the brakes and we came to a near halt. By the time I hit that ditch, the front of the race was gone by about a minute. I was shut down by some sketchy riding and a hack-pass by Troy Wells on lap 1, what he was doing behind me with a second row call up I have no idea. Maybe it was because he was riding Wicks' spare bike which he was calling the "clown bike".

I struggled to find my rhythm for the first 3 laps and had a hard time moving up through the field. I could see Josh up the road in a big group and Wyandt a bit behind me. As I descended off the top of the course I could see that Ben had joined the front group and attacked it! He would be caught and finish up in 6th place. I got caught by a dude from Target training and as he rolled by me I focused on sticking to his wheel and attacking out of every corner. We started moving forward, caught Snead who had crashed and with 3 to go we caught a group which cointained six guys vying for 13-18th spot. I could sense they were starting a cat and mouse game and with 2 to go I attacked them and caught the dude in 12 place, hoping I would be able to split the group or even stay clear. When I looked back I had all but 2 guys on my wheel and no one would pull through. I sat up hard on the last lap and hopped on the back of the bus. I was dreading the sprint and decided to make one last move at the top of the course in a corner I had totally dialed, but I completely botched it and came off the back by two lengths.

I would spend the rest of the lap trying to get on before the sprint and was totally done when we hit the finishing straight. I was a bit deflated as I had ridden into the points and was too tired to sprint and would finish in 17th just 2 spots out of those all important UCI points. Really, though, just making it to that group was pretty huge and I certainly didn't hold back at all. I had the worst cross gut all night and nearly cleared out the super market we were shopping at with my 'King Kullen' gas.



Hooptie said...

Nice work boys, get them UCI points! When in doubt...attack!

swiggco world said...

Holiday is definitely over. Maybe ye olde Strapper is the wheel to get, provided you can get it. Hope the gut calms down.....sounds like you gave it about 200%. top 20 from the depths of the back in a C-1 race is not something to be sad about. Good luck today ! Swiggboss.

Brent Chapman said...

save some of that King Kullen for the start line... gag em and whip em.