Sunday, September 24, 2006

Bang, Bang !

Hey, how do you like your team now? Michael Landry 3rd in Juniors.........Stella and Shelley pretty much running the store in the womens "A" catagory, 2nd and 3rd respectively......Simon duking it out with Barry Wicks and Chris McGovern winding up 2nd. Our man Snead did a respectable top 10 and A.K. was only a hair behind. Rob Evans was smokin' on the single speed finishing strong. Dodgeball, seldom seen Joe Walsh and even birthday boy Aaron Odell shwed up and raced. We have a new woman on the squad, Rona Hung........and she Hung in there pretty well. Larry showed better skills on the transitions, no doubt from our Friday rides. Julie Brothers looks to be stepping it up from last year. Faithfully working in the pit was our mechanic Ryan and on various brass instruments we had the Chapster.There will no doubt be more noise from this squad.

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Brent Chapman said...

Yah Boss!

Good job Simon. Attacking Wicks was a good thing to do. This will prep you for the days ahead when you get to go on the attack rather than waiting for the impending attack.

You worked hard for this. In the end you decide your destiny and if destiny calls you to the front, then do it without fear.

Snead is on form, lets pray for some cooler weather!

Everyone else looked really really good.
Damn I want to race.

Shelly and Stella, this will be an interesting year for you two, you two are side by side and is very similar to some other lady racers in our area in the years past as they started out their domination!

kick ass.