Thursday, September 14, 2006

Howdy Everybody,

Well, if our team shindig wasn't the ringing in of the new season, then I guess DFL urban outlaw cross dress series race #1 was. Held after work in the SF Fog at Golden Gate park, it finally felt like fall and 'cross had arrived.

As usual, the DFL race consisted of throngs of dress wearing freaks, out of shape and in shape 'crossers and 'cross dressers. The course was excellent for a totally sketchy, loose, gravely, hidden log, and dog poop littered area. Really the best $5 money can buy. This event pulled in more than 100 contestants, and Russ and Nancy Wright were on hand to photog. the occasion. (Check WWW. for visual evidence.) Since I love beating up on Cameron, I had to make the trip and I was accompanied by Mr. Chapman himself. We arrived early, which meant there was time to pin on a number and do a lap, hopefully burning the sketchy course into memory before we cracked it open mere moments later.

If you don't want to be stuck in traffic, you must line up in the front row. That is pretty much common knowledge but in a DFL race that means you will ride right into the traffic after 2 laps or so. I followed Cam and John Funke (welcome back John!) for a lap or two and I think Rich Mahle was up there as well. Once we started riding into the back of the field I started to get antsy to be in the front of the race as the slower riders often impede your progress and you can get gapped really easily. Cam bobbled in a sandy corner and I just rolled around him and decided to apply the pressure for a while. He was hanging pretty good but I could feel him working hard. I decided to persist and even when I had a small gap I didn't feel certain I had him, yet. The funny thing is that you can come to an obstacle and there will be 10 people who all shut the course down as you come flying into it. Your small gap of, say, 10 seconds can be eliminated by the time they move out of the way and they might even keep the lane open for the dude you are trying to get away from.

Luck has a lot to do with racing DFL races but that's only half of it. I worked really hard to make the gap, keeping the pressure on for 3 or 4 laps. I could see Cam blow some turns and knew that it was time for the finishing blow. I hit the gas hard on the two run ups and had the gap I would hold till the end. It is always nice to get a gap that is big enough that you can not see your pursuers. Suddenly the race was over, the bell at the start/finish line which was ringing all day was actually ringing for the bell lap but I couldn't tell. Confusion runs rampant at these races which makes them all the better.

Well that is race report #1 for the season. HRS/Rock Lobster 1, all you other bitches 0.
Bang, bang. Simon.

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swiggco world said...

Bicktory ! Bicktory ! You winnah ! First time not that tight, I guess. Cheers, swiggboss.