Friday, September 29, 2006

Holiday in the Hamptons

It's the night before Southampton UCI #1 and all through the house, not a sound can be heard except Sneed watching TV on the couch. Actually, we have arrived and we are supposed to be joined by Rude (Troy Wells) and another couple of racers but right now it's just me and Josh chilling in a sweet pad with two dogs and cats. We have cable, a flat screen, a basement with tools and laundry and are situated on a quiet cul de sac with neighbors who I have yet to see. Ah tranquility, and really nice to be out of town.

I should tell you about the first part of my journey, which started with a few glitches. In hind sight, I probably shouldn't have accepted an offer from my ex-girlfriend Melinda, to drop me off at the airport. But I did, and seeing as we have been going through shit for the last 2.5 years, I should not have been suprised that she would flick me at the last minute. A call at midnight informing me that I was on my own left me scrambling to reconfigure my plans. The next morning I was up early, finishing my packing and rushing to Marin Co. to meet Josh and Barb. In the end it all worked out and I cultivated a little extra anger to dish out on the competition.

Our flight was ontime and we arrived in NY about 11pm and began to drag our stupid bike boxes onto a crowded train that seemed to just go in circles and load up on passengers. Finally we found our Budget rental and we piled into our Mini Van, the sweet one we like with the seats that stow into the floor. Josh turned the radio on and was psyched to find Pantera and cranked it to 11 while some how managing to get the vehicle to peel out as we got back on the road. A couple of hours later we had spanned most of Long Island and pulled into our new digs about 2PM eastern time. It would have been best to hit the sack right off, but we decieded to watch the history of the hotdog on the history channel and stayed up much later than necessary. I do know much more about hotdogs though.

Today we built our bikes up and checked out the Southhampton course, which is mostly bumby turf with two rocky dry stream crossings and a monster hill which will be super hard to ride up every lap. Josh has some UCI points so he should recieve a call up while I have but one and will be lucky to get a starting position better that the 3rd row. I am gonna put the legs up and get ready for the big fight tommorow. Oh, boy looks like the Worlds Ugliest Dog Competition has just begun, gotta go...


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