Sunday, November 21, 2010

CCCX 6, Toro Park

Although not many folks made it to this race as the district championships were the day before , the racing was still very competitive . Our team showed up on almost every podium, the exceptions being mostly classes where we had no entries.....that would certainly make it difficult to make the podium ! The windy and sometimes rainy conditions made the track a little slippery in places and made for classic cyclocross conditions,something we have missed in the last few seasons for the most part.
In the men's 35 A group, Alex Work continued his streak of medal runs with a second place.
Janel Lodge did the same in the women's 35 plus race. She, like Alex was our solo entry in that class.
The empty 2nd spot on the women's elite podium was for Stella Carey but she was racing the A single speed class at the time. Sarah Kerlin got 5 th for a medal as well.Katie Jay Melina just missed the podium with a fine 6th place.
The mens elite race got split up early but Dave Wyandt and Scott Chapin stayed in the hunt and wound up 4th and 5th respectively. Kevin Crossley just missed the podium in 6th .
Not seen in a photo yet but in the 45 B class Benoit Dubuisson continued his streak of podium appearances with a 4th place, followed by Jeff Traugott in 5th , returning to form.In the 55 plus, I scored a 4th place in a tiny field-hey, it's still a medal and a podium so I'll gladly take it !

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