Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Photos - BASP Golden Gate Park

Frank's rig, all loaded up at the end of the day.
Post race victory celebration in front of Tommy's Mexican cuisine, Geary st. , San Fransisco. this is a place for serious gut bombs. Little did I know that the gut bomb I had really had nothing to do with what I ate for dinnier.
Here's Dave putting on a late surge in the race to ride clear of the series leader, Steve Reaney.
Two of our elite riders made it to the podium-Josh Snead in 4th and Scott Chapin in 3rd. Dave Wyandt would just miss in 6th.
Frank did his race and with not much of a break immediately began making fajitas for the hungry riders. I think that just as much as the great results of the team, Frank's diligence at the BBQ and at the beer tapper have secured us a consecutive victory in the BASP team trophy competition.
A rare treat-Simon Vickers driving 8 hours to race with the team at Golden Gate park , just like the old days.
Alex Work rode well enough to hold onto his series lead jersey until put off his line by a photographer. This unfortunate incident resulted in a crash, broken clavicle and an end to a terrific season.
Brent The Elder

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