Sunday, December 19, 2010

CCCX 7, Ft. Ord campground course

Brett Lambert rode to 5th in the men's 45 A group , showing that his trip to the nationals didn't slow him down.

Storms hit the area the day before this race and really gave the sandy Fort Ord soil a good soaking. The result was a lightning fast track with a couple of slower muddy patches and a few greasy turns. Post Nationals burnout caused many a rider to lose enthusiasm and quit , even some riders in high placings. Our team for the most part really shown on this day, putting people on the podium in nearly every class. Above is the men's A podium with Scott Chapin overpowering the field and winning by a large margin.
Kathleen Bortolussi won her second race in a row while Janel Lodge followed closely in 2nd.
Stella Carey rode strong and finished 3rd in the women's A field .
Jon Mason rode a clean race and had his best finish of the season so far , 3rd in the men's 35 B field.
I guess I go better without the kidney stone. I came in 3rd in the men's 55+ and was really happy when the race was was a pretty hard race inspite of the fast conditions.
Benoit Dubuisson continued his run of podium placings at CCCX, this time it was 3rd in the men's 45 B race. The podium near-misses are as follows : Ben Dodge, 6th in the men's A's. Katie Jay Melina, 6th in the women's A's , Mark Howland, 6th in the men's 45+ A's, Jeff Traugott, 5th in the men's 45 + B's.

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