Monday, November 15, 2010

Photos BASP Sierra Point

Pasta man Loren Soltes suited up and raced in the men's 35 B race after delivering a cooler full of pesto and fresh pasta. He was one of three riders on the team who are sponsors as well.
Meet Jon Mason, formerly of Oregon-now a bay area resident and a 35 B racer on Bay 101/HRS/Rock Lobster. You can see that helmet hair runs in the family.
Alex Work getting set for his start in the 35 A race, never taking things too seriously. He would retain his series lead with a 4th place.He would be followed by Brian Staby coming in at 16th with Matt 'Tiki" Jordan coming in at 29th.
Our tent was the place to be in all respects. If you were warming up, there were trainers. If you were warming down, there was a BBQ, a gourmet cheese course and Franks beer on tap. If you were just a little off your rocker, you fit right in. Decor was provided by the Jordans.
Scott rode the course so well that nobody could match his speed. His margin of victory was pretty commanding, well out of sight of the next rider in the men's A race.
Janel and Kathleen were back up in thier customary spots on the women's 35 + podium in second and third.In the women's A race, Stella Carey would come in 8th and Katie Jay Melina would ride to 19th.
Looks like the old man came through with a third place.......hopefully not the last !Below, Benoit Dubuilsson negotiates the run-up on his way to 14th place in the men's 45 B race follwed by sponsor Jeff Traugott in 18th.In the men's 45 A race, Brett Lambert would lead the team coming in at 11th, Tim Watson next at 13th followed by brewmaster Frank Kalcic at 14th.
Brent the Elder

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