Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pilarcitos II Coyote point

The rain is what made this race epic in the classic sense.....the mud really slowed the pace of riders and the hot dusty conditions of the previous weeks were nowhere to be seen. A few folks stood out as the toughest on the slippery mud. One of those was our own Dave Wyandt who soloed away from the men's A field to win by over a minute.
This is Dave crossing the line in solitary splendor,well out of sight of the nearest competitor.
Here's the men's A field getting under way with Dave in the center.
Another heroic ride was Benoit Dubuisson getting 4th in a field of 37 45+ B riders. This is Benoit's 4th podium in a row.
Alex Work nearly won the 35+ A race, only being passed by Don Myrah a couple laps from the end after soloing from the start.
This is the start of the men's 35+ A race with Alex in the series leader jersey. Other folks on the podium this weekend :
Stella Carey, 4th women's A race.
Janel Lodge, 3rd women's 35+ race
Mark Howland , 4th men's 45+ A race.
Cow Palace cyclocross:
Brent Harris, 1st men's 55+ race.
More photos should be coming. For much of the day I was either working in the pit or cowering under the tent during the downpours !

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