Friday, November 05, 2010

Surf City Halloween race

The longest running cyclocross series in the USA is supposedly the Surf City series.....a race that almost didn't come off this year but thanks to Ciclista Bonita and a host of other folks, it lives on. This edition was a tough race for most, lots of flat tires on the wrong side of the course and a few wipe-outs that spoiled a few good starts. The roster of podium folks that won pumpkins are:
Stella Carey , 2nd. women's A race.
Janel Lodge , 1st. women's 35 + race
Benoit Dubuisson, 5th men's 45 B race
Mark Howland , 5th , men's 45 A race
Josh Snead , 5th , men's A race
Paul Sadoff , 3rd, men's 55 + race.
Alex Work, 3rd, men's 35+ A race

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Brent said...

looks like the swigg master is in tune for another power battle at natz this year!