Monday, December 31, 2012

Nor-Cal district final

This is the last big local CX event and the team did some serious damage-this inspite of a number of injured and sick riders not able to compete. Here's Natasha Perry on her way to 5th place in the womes 35 + race.
Mary Ellen Ash racing in the womens elite race wound up in 7th place
Once Aaron Bradford got a gap in the mens elite race he kept it until the finish. All that on a single speed!
Andrew Juiliano rode to 12th in the mens elite race from a third row start.
Scott Chapin had a race long battle for 5th in the mens elite race which he won and got a spot on the podium and a district medal.
Here's Ellen Sherrill collecting the win for the womens single speed race. Katie Jay Melina would finish 2nd in the same race and 4th in the womens elite race .
Here is Aaron coming across the line winning his Nor-Cal/Nevada district championship for the first time
The team captured 2/3 of the womens single speed district championship and likeley would have swept it without the injuries .
Here's the mens elite podium with Aaron and Scott, a familiar sight this season. Another winner was Zac Stanley in the 35 B mens race, his first CCCX victory of the season in a deep field. Mark Howland and Tim Watson would ride to 6th and 12th in the 45 A mens race. Alex Work opted to race the 35A mens race and finished 5th with Dean Poshard coming in at 17th. In the 45 B race, Benoit Dubuisson finished 8th with Michael Schaller coming in at 15th.
Everyone really was a winner in our tent as Tim Watson proved beyond a doubt that the best BBQ at the race  was his. The team got a really impressive food spread together for this race, one of the best ever. It was a good thing as this race was extremely painful and the good food served to east the post race pain.

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