Sunday, December 02, 2012

CCCX 6 Manzanita park

 The rain and wind were epic and the mud got deeper as the day went on. Natasha Perry ( 1st womens 35+), Janel Lodge (2nd womens 35+) and Michelle Perez ( 3rd womens 45 +)rode great races and all made the podium.....if there was one. With the weather conditions the podiums were cancelled and medals were handed out without ceremony.

 Here's Andrew Juiliano returning to race after recovering from injury. He would finish 5th in the mens A race.
Dodgeball finished a credible 7th with a great ride in the mens A race. Tim Watson rode to 12th in the 45 A race and Benoit Dubuisson rode to 4th in the mens 45 B race followed by Alan Bennett in 8th and Michael Schaller. Matt Garcia rode to 6th in the mens B race.

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