Thursday, December 13, 2012

USGP Bend 2012

 Bicycle racing is done a number of ways with varying results. The current school of thought is to get certain equipment to monitor one's power output and relay this info weekly to a coach. Other things like motorpacing, road work and weight training are commonly used to enhance race day performance. Team riders wind up in lock-step with programs that provide a framework for success. The only thing is that the pinnacle of this type of racing , the pro peloton is now the subject of a huge embarrassing scandal-as is the governing body of the professional sport, the U.C.I. 
 There was a time when I thought that our team should emulate the pro teams in their methodology regarding training and conduct. After this weekend I have fully woken up to the fact that this team does not need to be altered in any way. The pure essence of the sport is captured by the riders on this team-they race as they ride, for challenge and enjoyment-and to represent fully the people who allow them to do so.
Our elite riders did not win any events this least not according to the statistics. The thing that these riders did was to capture the attention of the spectators and photographers in a way that even the winners could not do-our riders rode the race with the kind of self expression and flair that cannot be overstated. Wherever I walked on the course people would come up to me and say how impressed they were with our riders and what a great contribution the team made to the flavor of the event. Aaron Bradford, Scott Chapin and Alex Work might have more fans than any other three riders at the U.S.G.P. . Bicycle Bluebook/HRS/Rock Lobster might have been the most talked about team that weekend. All of this without the lock-step dicipline and coaching of other teams. For those of yo who want to know the numbers, here they are:
Saturday, mens elite race: Aaron Bradford 42nd, Alex Work 49th, Scott Chapin 52nd.
               womens elite race : Katie Jay Melina 27th, Ellen Sherrill DNF ( crashed out )
               mens 35 + race : Brian Staby 28th   mens 55 + race Paul Sadoff  11th.
Sunday mens elite race  : Aaron Bradford 36th, Alex Work 48th, Scott Chapin 51st.
               womens elite race Katie Jay Melina 29th, Ellen Sherrill DNS  ( injury from sunday)
               mens 35 + race : Brian Staby  31st , mens 55+ Paul Sadoff 10th.

It would be worth it for all reading this to go find photos of the races. I was unable to take photos while I was working in the pits but I did get a glimpse of what everyone was talking about.......the success of this weekend cannot be told by numbers.All in all, it was a huge success and the team represented to the utmost.

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