Monday, September 22, 2008

Stella crunch 2008 CCCX #1

Stella drops the hammer on Mini Melody on the last shot to the finish for a win.
The battle was epic in this race.


swiggco world said...

Hey, Chappy. Are you stealing these photos ? Cheers, swiggness

Brent said...

These photos are on Flickr for use with credit to user.
They can turn off the blog option should they not want to share their photos with bloggers, but it tends to drive visitors to their sites.

swiggco world said...

O.K., we good now. Everybody sing along with me : "This is the way we drop a midget,drop an midget, drop a midget, even though she's a very fast midget, this is how in the morning". With apologies to Ms. Metzger who really looked super strong on the day.