Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fairfax mini-report

The Lion of Fairfax race was a hot and dusty affair with a lot of families bringing thier kids to race. Lucky for the kids, they got to race first before the heat went up . Our A squad was a little lean, missing a few players, most notably Aaron Kereluk and Dave Wyandt. Lucky for us, our depth allowed for good results and some bolstering from Max Clifford who elected to race the hour rather than his age group. Andy Jaques-Mayne and Justin Robinson showed up to make it a real race, and that's just what they did. Josh Snead held his own the longest but was shadowed by Justin Robinson nearly the whole race. The predictable move came midway through the race as Andy attacked and no one could follow. Scott Chapin was up in front for the early part of the race but when Andy made his move, Josh gave chase with Justin in tow and Scott was alone for the rest of the hour. Aaron Odell suffered a flat and had two wheel changes but still finished just ahead of an impressive Alex work. The heat proved too much for Evan Adams but Jeff Patton and Max Clifford toughed it out to finish. At the finish it was Josh 3rd,Scott 4th, Aaron 6th and Alex 7th.......four in the top ten. I do not have other results but the probably will be up soon.

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