Sunday, September 28, 2008

CCCX II.....Wot a team, I tell ya

Even Frank Kalcic's kids got on the podium today.

Steve Gile and Brett Lambert went 1th and 3rd in the 45 A group, Bill Hall won the single-speed B race,Courtney Grossman placed second in the 35 B race, even your swiggboss managed 7th in the 45 B race. The Elite races were successful as well with Stella easily outdistancing the womens A field. The Mens race was an all-star contest between the Cal Giant strawberrys and the HRS crew. Cal might have won the race but our squad showed that we had nearly as much firepower on the day with Josh Snead coming in a lose 2nd, Scott Chapin narrowly getting outsprinted by Justin Robinson, Aaron Odell coming in a solo 6th and Alex Work finishing 10th. Those are your top-ten finishers, at least the ones I know about until the CCCX lists the final tally. Max Clifford, Tim Watson and Frank Kalcic represented in the Masters A race and Jeff Patton , Dean Poshard and David Wyandt rode in the Elite A race. The best is yet to come and these results are fantastic already.


Brent said...

that pic of Giles is cracking me up.

swiggco world said...'s like : " hey, get my drink, I'm Rick James....."