Sunday, September 21, 2008

can't touch this

We have the best team.......if there was any doubt, those doubts were from crazy people. Not only did our team show up in numbers but there were three wins on the day. #1 was Steve Gile in the 45 plus A catagory, one of the most heated contests of the day. #2, the photo shows Melodie Metzger and Stella in lock step, as it was for most of the race. In the last lap however it was all Stella who showed tactical acumen and supreme confidence to best her worthy opponent.

Josh Snead gave a master class on how to dominate the locals but he had help from Dean Poshard and Alex Work in the first lap with some really fast leadouts. Scott Chapin got second with a strong ride that pretty much gave notice to the field that the buckethead was the new fast guy in town. Dave Wyandt rode conservatively on the first lap but went into pursuit mode and mowed down all the riders between himself and third place, completing the HRS/Rock Lobster podium sweep. Alex Work finished a credible 6th after his strong start. The absence of some of our strongest riders did not keep the team from really scoring big in the first CCCX. Courtney Grossman got 2nd in the 35 plus B catagory and Frank Kalcic finished near the front of the 45 plus A group. As usual, Ryan Bontrager provided excellent support where it was required . Nice start to the 2008 season !

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benlikesbikes said...

Nice work everyone, way to sweep the podium!