Sunday, January 11, 2009

Podium-itis at the CCCX final

This team really couldn't stay off the podium today at the CCCX final in Fort Ord. Odell doing his usual no-running barrier-hopping brand of racing. Courtnet Claussen rode his new bike for the first time and won on the day, retaining his second place in the overall in the 35 B group......looks like it's time for an upgrade!

Yours truly didn't feel great at the start but the race isn't won there. I managed to beat the two guys I neede to to climb to 3rd overall for the series......pretty much a miracle.I dedicate this season to all those hopeless backrunners like myself who once in awhile break through to get on the plywood.

Billy Hall pretty much dominated the class B single speeds from the beginning of the season and coasted to an overall win in that class.

Stella didn't bother with the podium as there was a single speed A race to contest so this will be your Stella photo for the day. Stella would have been on the top step in the Women's elite group for the series and second on the day.

Brett Lambert overcame a rolled tire to stay on the podium in second place in the 45 A catagory. If not for a couple of mechanicals during the season Brett would have been untouchable in this class.

As usual, the Cal Giant strawberrys made it a tough race but our team got most of the remaining placings in the top-10 on the day. Josh Snead,Scott Chapin , Aaron Odell and Alex Work got the top 4 spots on the podium for the overall and put in a good performance on the day with Scott getting 3rd, Alex 4th, Josh 5th and Aaron 6th. A.K. represented and was not far back. Dean,Max Clifford and Loren Soltes all raced in the Elites.....we had the largest percentage of riders in that class.

Here's the elite Mens podium-the result of 7 races spread over the season. Job well done. Check the CCCX website for the fine print as Sean Coffey ( single speed A) and Frank Kalcic, barbeque master extrodinaire ( Mens 45 A) Joh,n Fritz ( Mens 45 B) and Alan Bennett (Mens 35 B)also raced.

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